why do baseball players tape their wrists

5 Reasons Why Baseball Players Tape Their Wrists

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If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve probably seen the players with tape on their wrists. There’s a lot of hitting, catching, and throwing the ball involved in this sport. Despite the tape looking cool on many players’ wrists, there are actual reasons why they were them.

Wrists are the key to every baseball player’s performance. The whole game revolves around their wrists. The main reason why baseball players tape their wrists is that it provides them extra support and stability. This support can help them avoid any unnecessary injuries involving the wrist.

However, avoiding injuries isn’t the only reason for the tape! There are a few other reasons as to why a baseball player might use it during a game. These might include healing from an injury, covering up jewelry, or looking professional.

If you’re looking to play baseball in the future, you’ll want to read on! In this article, we’ll explore the many reasons why baseball players might tape their wrists.

1.   Tapes Help Avoid Injuries

The primary reason players tape their wrists is to avoid injuries as much as possible. This works because it provides them extra support without causing any distraction in their movements.

If a player swings the bat and puts their wrist in an awkward position, the tape can give it the support it needs to avoid any excessive damage.  

Another reason why it helps avoid injuries is when they fall on the ground. The tape helps cushion the fall, avoids twisting the wrist too much, and saves it from bad impact. If a player has no tape around their wrist, it can cause the tissues of the ligaments to tear.

A wrist injury would be crucial to a player’s position. They might not be able to play at their best if it does occur. A wrist discomfort will cause poor batting and balling as well. That is one reason why baseball players tape their wrists.

2.   Tape Helps Heal an Injury Faster

Even though tape around the wrist cannot repair any ligament tissues, it can speed up the recovery process. If there’s already an injury, it can avoid further damage to the wrist. That allows the baseball players enough time to ease into playing again until they feel comfortable without the tape.

However, if they decide to wear it during a fracture or tear, they should consult a medical professional. Some conditions might worsen the injury if a tape is worn. Sometimes, the damage requires free movement of the wrist, and the tape might limit the movement.

3.   Covering Up Jewelry

Another reason why baseball players might decide to tape their wrists is to cover up any jewelry. Most professional sports don’t allow the player to wear any bracelet or wristband during the game.

However, some players wear it for religious reasons. They prefer not to take it off. So, their solution is to cover it with tape instead.

A bracelet/wristband may hinder their movement and gameplay if it gets stuck somewhere at a crucial time. The tape covers it up so that nothing like that occurs. So, it’s used for safety purposes as well.

4.   Used for Professional Aesthetics

Some baseball players wear tape around their wrist simply for aesthetics. It looks a bit more professional if a player is wearing tape. Some of them wear it just because it looks cool. While some individuals might debate that it isn’t true, it does help a player feel more confident.

If a player feels more confident with tape, it’ll help them increase their game performance considerably. Someone who feels good always plays at their best. There’s nothing terrible about wearing it as long as it doesn’t make them cocky and arrogant.

Some even use it as a replacement for jewelry. Since sports don’t allow dangling jewelry, players wear tapes to give the same feel.

5.   Superstitious Reasons

One of the reasons baseball players might wear tape is that they are superstitious. Some believe that wearing tape around the wrist increases their chance of winning, and not wearing it will give them a bad outcome.

There are superstitious players in almost every sport. However, they’re relatively more in baseball. These players copy everything they did in a game they won. For example, if they won in a baseball game and were wearing wrist tape, they’ll feel like that was the reason for their win.

Best Athletic Tape for Baseball

Here are some of the best athletic tapes for baseball out there:

1.    Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap

The best thing about this tape is that it is easy to use and sticks by itself. You won’t need to use any pins or clips. It also helps better your swelling and avoids further damage to your wrist.

Another good thing about this self-adhesive bandage is that it won’t come off when you sweat during a game. They’re also very budget-friendly, so you can replace them often!

2.    Black Athletic Tap

This black athletic tap is made of cotton and is easy to wear and take off. Also, its stickiness is very strong, but all you need to do is pinch the material and remove it. Its material is excellent for healing swollen wrists and helps fractures heal faster.

3.    White Athletic Sports Tape

The white athletic sports tape is one of the best for avoiding injuries. It’s easy to apply and take off. The tape is hypoallergic and latex-free, perfect for baseball players, and never irritates. It provides your wrist with the support it needs during batting and catching.

4.    Athletic and Sports Wrap Tape

This particular wrap tape feels great on the skin! It can give you the necessary support for any wrist movement, whether that’s batting, bracing for an impact, or throwing the ball. It’s adhesive as well, so you won’t need to worry about pins since most games don’t allow pins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Is taping of wrists a tradition in baseball?

There is much debate about whether it’s a tradition in baseball to tape your wrists or not. Some would consider it a tradition to wear it during every warm-up for a better outcome.

However, it’s not necessarily a tradition. It’s just what some players believe, and most of them aren’t ready to give it up any time soon!

2.    What can I tape my wrists with?

There are a few things you can tape your wrist with. The most common thing is adhesive tape. There’s a specific adhesive tape designed especially for athletes and baseball players. Its application and removal are pretty easy, and it involves no pins or clips whatsoever!

Another way to tape your wrist is to use a piece of cloth. But, that’s not the best for baseball as it will require you to use pins, which can be an issue if you’re playing for a professional team.

3.    How do I tape my wrists properly?

It is essential to tape your wrist correctly. The first and foremost thing you must do is properly wash and clean the area where you’re applying it. Then, start by wrapping around your lower arm. Some prefer to cover all the way to their forearm.

However, wrapping only to your wrists works as well. The higher you go, your chances of risk are reduced. Make sure that you’re not tightly wrapping it. That can cause poor blood circulation, passing you out or making you dizzy.

A way to make sure you haven’t applied it too tightly is to check your veins. If the flow isn’t normal, you’ve tightened it too much.

4.    Does taping your wrist heal a torn ligament tissue?

No, taping your wrist doesn’t heal a torn ligament tissue. However, it can speed up the recovery process. The tape will help keep your wrist in place. It will avoid any further damage to your bones.

However, the best thing to do would be to consult your medical doctor. They can provide you with healing ointment to put under the tape. That will heal it way faster as it allows for the required heat.

5.    Can pitchers wear wrist tape as well?

In most professional games, pitchers cannot wear wrist tape. Anything on their palm or hand that might come in contact with the ball is entirely illegal, and the team might be forfeited from the game if that happens.

The only thing a pitcher can put on their wrist is rosin. It will protect the pitcher from some damage.

6.    Does taping really work?

For some players, taping might work well. For others, it may not be as effective. However, it is known to reduce the risks of injuries and pain. Talk to a physical therapist because they might recommend something to use with the tape to get the best results possible!