What Does PPD Mean in Baseball?

What Does PPD Mean in Baseball?

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After a long day at work or college, you return home to relax by watching a baseball game. However, when you turn on the television or laptop to watch, they explain that the match won’t be played due to PPD. PPD, on the other hand, is an acronym you’re unfamiliar with. 

We’re here to assist you! PPD is an acronym for ‘Postponed’ in baseball. If a scheduled baseball game has the letters PPD written beside it, it has been postponed until a future time and date.

A game can be postponed for various reasons and in a range of situations. Please continue reading to learn more about baseball match postponements, including the reasons for the delay and the conditions surrounding it.

The Correct Meaning of PPD in Baseball

In baseball, PPD refers to a postponement. The match is then scheduled for a later date which might or might not be known at the date of postponement. 

In the past, baseball events have been rescheduled due to various factors, including bad weather, a disease outbreak, and even human rights campaigns involving protests for equality. 

Unsurprisingly, far more matches were postponed in 2020 and 2021 than in any other year in the past. The MLB rarely cancels games unless it is necessary. The safety, welfare, and individual rights of the sportspeople are paramount.

Now, when you’re ready to enjoy a baseball game, with your popcorn and fizzy drinks in hand, and the initials PPD appear on the screen, you understand that the match has been rescheduled to a later date.

Reasons for Postponement of a Baseball Game

It can be aggravating to intend to watch a match in the afternoon only to discover it’s been postponed (PPD). Let us explore some of the significant reasons for baseball game cancelations and postponements. 

MLB and COVID-19

As the MLB continues its season despite the outbreak, some games will inevitably be delayed or postponed for the association to implement and enforce the safety precautions necessary to keep all baseball players healthy. 

If one sportsman was accidentally exposed to a coronavirus-infected person and came in contact with several of his team members, they would all need to be tested. A team may have to cancel a game due to this abruptly.

MLB and Adverse Weather Conditions 

MLB and Adverse Weather Conditions 

The weather has forced MLB games to be rescheduled in the past, but this is an uncommon occurrence now. Two kinds of baseball game cancellations occur due to inclement weather.

Postponement of a Game in Progress

If this happens while you’re at the stadium, keep your ticket slip and exchange it for a future match at the ticket booth, based on availability and barring special occasions. 

Please note that this transfer doesn’t have to occur on the very day that the game is rescheduled. 

According to MLB Draft League regulations, a complete game is defined as five innings, or four and a half innings in case the host team is winning the match, and no ticket reimbursements or weather checks will be provided. 

If a doubleheader is rescheduled after the first five innings of the first match, it will be deemed a complete match. In this case, too, there will be no reimbursements or rain checks.

Postponement of the Game Before the Gate Opens

If the match is rescheduled before the event starts, keep your entire ticket and swap it for a forthcoming match (within the same season) of your preference at the ticket counter, depending on availability, while excluding special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    In MLB, does “postponed” imply “canceled”? 

Baseball games are rarely canceled. They are often rescheduled for a later date. Occasionally, indefinitely, with a schedule to be determined later in the season. They are often quickly rescheduled to a specific date. 

2.    If a baseball game is canceled, is the ticket money refunded? 

If the season for which the ticket was purchased ends before the game, a reimbursement will be automatically transferred to the card used to purchase the ticket.

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3.    If it rains, what tends to happen to baseball tickets? 

Your bought ticket serves as a rain check if a regular game is not played and the game is postponed as a stand-alone game or as one of a split day/night double. Rain checks will be accepted for the rescheduled game.

What if you purchase SeatGeek tickets for a playoff game that does not take place? 

Suppose your match is canceled and not postponed. In that case, SeatGeek will offer you a complete refund of your purchase cost or, pursuant to relevant state legislation, credits to be used on a future transaction at its sole and absolute discretion.

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