What Arm Do You Wear A Baseball Sleeve On?

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Ahh a question as old as time. Will I break the rules if I wear it on the wrong arm? Can I wear more than one? Does anybody really know?

From Little Leagues to the world series, and everywhere in between, Baseball Sleeves have made themselves known. I love it when my sleeve fits like a nice snug glove. Especially before a game. It’s as if I’m putting on a suit of armor.

Yep, Baseball Sleeves are here to stay. Yet so many people don’t understand their basic principles and features.  

So? Which arm is it?

Short answer? It doesn’t matter. But Baseball Sleeves (also known as compression arm sleeves) are best to wear on your throwing arm… Or the one you use most.

Baseball Sleeves are most commonly worn by pitchers and catchers. And it pays to know why.

The practical reason is to prevent, as well as manage, injury. There is a treasure trove of research that supports this.

  • Another study by the Journal of Orthopaedic; Sports Physical Therapy found that compressive garments help the healing process as well as reduce swelling and promote the alignment of muscle fibers. 

Preventing injury is a great, practical reason to slip on a sleeve. But there is way more to these intuitive garments than that. 

Why else do people wear Baseball Sleeves?

Truthfully, there’s no single reason. There are some pretty good answers though:

  • Fashion – You can’t deny it. Baseball sleeves look cool. Whether It’s your team’s name, your country’s flag, or a printed message from your mom wishing you, “good luck”. Baseball sleeves look awesome.
  • Tattoos– Remember that mistake you made five years ago? Yuno that one where you thought it would be a great idea to get “I’m with stupid” tattooed across your forearm? All jokes aside, you could be asked to hide your ink before a game.
  • Temperature– Amazingly, whilst protecting your arm from UV rays in the summer, compressing blood circulation in your arm keeps you warm in the winter.

The Do’s and Dont’s of wearing a Baseball Sleeve

  • Stitching – Keep an eye out for how your sleeve is put together. Double stitching is a great option. If you are going to be dipping, diving, and putting your kit through its paces, you want to make sure your sleeve can withstand this kind of flexible demand.
  • Don’t use sunscreen – The moisture from sunscreen can make it difficult to get a sleeve on and off. A lot of sleeves come with UV protection. So you can rest assured you won’t be building a base tan anytime soon.
  • Avoid sweat – This goes for the same reason as above. It’s a good idea to put your sleeve on before that first drip shows up.

Rules to watch out for

  •  Any color that interferes with the sight of the ball may not be allowed. White and gray are usually banned. Other colors which harm the sight of the ball might be a problem too.
  • The top of the sleeve can’t be visible. If it’s within sight, the sleeve is treated as a bandage. This won’t fly.

Getting a Baseball Sleeve fitted

This is simple. Begin with measuring around a relaxed bicep. Pick your size according to the measurement. It’s probably also worth thinking about specifics such as the level of compression you want, comfort, and the key features of any specific sleeve.

Great picks

Sold on the Sleeve? Here are a few great garments available on amazon at the click of a button. Always do your research, but these are worth considering.

The Aegend Arm Sleeve

A superb choice for anyone wanting to get maximum protection. This sleeve’s most impressive feature is its UV protection. The fabrics are treated with an ultraviolet light absorber which can block out 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Arm Sleeves

These separate themselves from all other compression sleeves with one simple thing. Style. The B-Driven arm sleeves are filled to burst with vibrant colors that will dazzle your friends and be the envy of the opposing team.

Thx4COPPER Compression Elbow Sleeve

If you’re recovering from an injury, this is the sleeve for you. Thick protective pads offer maximum protection by absorbing shock. What’s more, the premium copper compressive fabric is key to preventing current injuries from worsening.

Related questions

Can I wear other compression garments such as Leg Sleeves?

It can’t hurt. Using this kit is ideal for preventing the risk of injury. So if you’re worried about other areas of your body it’s worth thinking about. Just remember to check the rule books first!

 How long can I wear my Baseball Sleeve?

That’s up to you. Many athletes wear their sleeves post-exercise so they can continue to try and prevent injury. There really is no specific limit. There you have it. Who would have thought that a simple sleeve had so much potential? The iconic fashion statement that serves a great purpose to the beautiful game that is Baseball shall never go ignored!

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