What are Box Seats at a Baseball Game?

What are Box Seats at a Baseball Game?

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Have you ever sat in the general admission seats at an MLB game and dreamt about what it would be like to sit at field level or even in the luxury suites with all of the “rich people”?

You likely aren’t alone. This type of seating at professional stadiums is called box seating, and it offers fans a completely different experience than the general admission seats.

Box seats at a baseball game are seats that are sold as a group and typically offer more privacy, a better view, and more amenities than general admission seats.

Let’s continue reading to learn more about what box seats have to offer.

What Amenities Do Box Seats Offer at a Baseball Game?

There are many advantages to sitting in a box seat over general admission seating.

Some of the amenities that most box seats can offer at a baseball game are indoor seating, flexible seating, food that you can’t get at the concession stand, and servers to serve that food.

There are several different types of box seats at a baseball stadium, and the location of these boxes largely depends on the team and stadium.

What Are Luxury Suites?

If you really want to get the best five star treatment at a baseball game, you should sit in the luxury suites.

Luxury suites are the most popular type of box seats located toward the top of most stadiums with plexiglass windows to separate the indoor and outdoor seating.

One of the biggest advantages of the luxury box experience is the ability to sit inside in the air conditioning. In the heat of the summer, many fans like to sit in the indoor section of their box seats to stay cool and open a portion of the window to hear the sounds of the game.

Fans who may not want to sit inside all game long have the option to sit in stadium seating right outside their box if they so choose. These seats are more private than the average stadium seats as they are located in a private section of about 8-12 seats.

These luxury seats often offer an indoor bar and lounging area giving the fan even more choices of seating. As one can imagine, luxury suite seating comes with a high price tag.

What are Field Level Box Seats?

For fans who maybe don’t want to spend the money on a luxury suite but want to experience some of the same amenities, field level box seats are a great alternative.

Field level box seats are located at field level, often directly behind home plate or one of the dugouts. In these seats, fans get a more traditional fan experience but get the opportunity to watch a game up close.

One of the biggest differences between the field level box seats and the general admission tickets is the service. At most stadiums, fans in the field levelbox seats get access to servers who serve them food from a special menu.

Other than that, fans in the field level box seats get the same experience as the general fan. They sit in stadium seats and get to feel and contribute to the stadium noise, but they get to do it in a more private manner.

Where Did Box Seats Get Their Name?

For some fans who are unfamiliar with attending baseball games, the title box seats can be confusing.

In the late 1800s, ballparks had premium seating at field level that consisted of a few tables and chairs that were enclosed by short wooden boxes. They were called box seats for obvious reasons, and the term has been synonymous with premium seats ever since.

They looked very similar to what you sometimes see at a horse racing track these days. Fans back then were able to enjoy similar luxuries that fans enjoy in box seats today.

Typically, only the wealthy sat in these box seats. While some may argue that this is still true today, it is much easier for the average person to gain access to box seats at a baseball game than it was in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

How Can I Buy Box Seat Tickets at a Baseball Game?

Sitting in a box seat at a baseball game can be an awesome experience. It can also take a toll on your bank account.

The price of a box seat at a baseball game varies depending on the city in which the team is located. If you ever want to sit in the field level box seats at an MLB game, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to even $2,000. The price of the luxury suites is even more.

It is not uncommon for the field level box seats to be occupied by the average fan who decides to splurge for a memorable night at a game.

However, many of the field level box seats are owned by companies who give tickets to employees and business partners or loyal season ticket holders. Much of the time, these tickets cost less per game when they are purchased for an entire season vs. individual games.

The luxury suites with indoor access are significantly more expensive. Very rarely can the average fan afford to purchase a luxury suite for one game. Most of these suites are owned by companies who host parties and even business meetings at games.

Sometimes, several families will go in together on purchasing a luxury suite to lower the cost and allow all of their families to enjoy a luxurious experience at a game.

Renting a suite for one game is rather costly for one small group and also wastes a lot of space as these suites are often built for large parties.

In order to sit in the luxury suites at an MLB game, you must either be willing to fork up the cost or know or work for someone whose company owns access to one.

Which MLB Stadium has the most expensive box seats?

The New York Yankees have by far the most expensive box seats in the MLB. Premium seating at Yankee Stadium is $1,200 per seat. The second most expensive is the Dugout Box seats at the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field which run at $360 per seat.

How much does it cost to buy season ticket box seats?

The cost of season ticket box seats varies from team to team, but fans can expect to spend upwards of $5,000 for premium seating for a whole season. For example, 1 Field Level box seat at Fenway Park for one season costs $12,000 (about $150 per game). While this is cheaper than buying box seat tickets on a game-to-game basis, it is a lot of money to pay up front.

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