Nokona Glove Conditioner Reviews

Nokona Glove Conditioner Review: Read This First!

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The best gloves are the ones that fit and perform like a second skin, and every skin needs a good moisturizer. So, you have got a really good pair of gloves for your baseball game, but you also need an equally good softener, hence here is our Nokona glove conditioner review for you.

With a tested and proven oiling formula, this glove conditioner is designed to quicken-up the break-in period of your glove. The oil used is extremely reliable and efficient in maintaining the model, keeping it properly conditioned and less messy.

The cream has a nice soft texture that can soften even the hardest and stiffest of gloves without damaging the fabric of the product. Used and trusted for over 50 years, this classic treatment does a good job at cleaning, breaking, and preserving the leather.

Contrary to the liquefied oils, the Nokona Glove Conditioner (learn more) does not soak into the padding, making it perfect to use on gloves just as you condition your dry skin on a dry summer day. As the formula has a unique consistency quite similar to petroleum jelly, the conditioner is easy to use on different types of leather products.

When it comes to application, you don’t have to use a lot of the Nokona conditioner to clean or repair. You simply need to use it sparingly to ensure that it does not discolor the leather or form any unpleasant patches.

As a potential conditioner, the product also hydrates the leather so that it remains well-cushioned and flexible even in the harshest weather.

Efficiency and Performance

Whether you have new softball gloves or an old pair of baseball gloves, this versatile conditioner can work in both conditions. In the former, it helps in breaking in the new pair so that you can comfortably wear it for a big match without feeling a twitch.

No matter what the condition of your gloves are – old or new, this conditioner ensures that they feel smooth and flexible, making them highly efficient and reliable. The best part about the product is that you only need to apply a little bit, hence one pack lasts longer.

Using Nokona Glove Conditioner

Using the product is almost similar to the way you cleanse and hydrate your skin at night. You simply need to take some gel in your hands, rub them together, and apply the cream all over, every inch of the gloves, inside out. Allow it to sit overnight and the next day you will have a repaired and shining new glove.

Product Features

  • Protects and preserves leather
  • Used by ball players
  • Gel-like consistency
  • Proven oiling formula

Now, that we know about the Nokona Glove Conditioner, let’s take a look at some of the advantages and some downsides of the product:


  • Gives a new lease of life to any old pair of gloves
  • Performs the job efficiently and perfectly
  • Does a good job at breaking-in a new pair of gloves
  • Made of high quality and natural ingredients
  • Versatile uses on different leather surfaces
  • Cleans and maintains through the years


  • This usually requires multiple treatments to repair and restore old leather gloves

Customer reviews

Those who have used the glove conditioner are completely in love the outcome as it cleans and softens gloves like no other. Some customers were able to infuse life into their 10-20-year-old gloves by simply applying the cream and letting it sit over the leather overnight.

People who have only used glove oil before were pleasantly surprised when they took the decision to try something new with this gel-based conditioner. A few users have said that if you ate trying to break-in a new pair of gloves then rub the conditioner over it and leave for 36 hours to see the difference.    

Final Words

Whether you are looking to preserve your favorite but old pair of baseball shoes or reduce the break-in period of a new one, the Nokona Glove Conditioner (shop now) does a good job. Using the product is also pretty simple as you simply need to apply the gel-like cream all over the leather and let it soak overnight. It not only repairs and preserves but also makes leather feel great.

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