What Size Bat Does Jose Altuve Use?

What Size Bat Does Jose Altuve Use?

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Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve is the smallest player in baseball, but he’s still one of the game’s biggest stars. In 12 big league seasons, he’s made eight All-Star teams and won six Silver Sluggers to go along with two World Series titles. Considering his incredible talent and short stature, it’s fair to wonder what size bat he swings at the plate.

Jose Altuve uses a 33-inch, 31-ounce bat with a full cup. These dimensions are on the shorter and lighter side, but they are still within the normal range for a Major League Baseball bat.

Most pro baseball bats are between 33-34.5 inches and 31-33.5 ounces. The shortest bat ever used in an MLB game was 32.25 inches, while the longest was 36 inches. In other words, despite his small frame, Altuve does not use an unusually small bat.

What Brand of Bat Does Jose Altuve Use?

Jose Altuve has used bats from various manufacturers throughout his major league career. These companies include Tucci, Cooperstown, Victus, Marucci, Louisville Slugger, and Sam Bat.

In his very first season, Altuve used a Louisville Slugger, one of the oldest and most famous bat companies in the world. He soon switched to a customized Tucci model before switching again to a Victus brand bat. He returned to Tucci in the 2021 season and used a Marucci bat the following year in 2022.

In addition, Altuve was seen using a Sam Bat in Spring Training 2017 and throughout the regular season. He also tried out a Cooperstown brand bat in 2018.

What Model of Bat Does Jose Altuve Use?

The bat Jose Altuve uses most regularly is a custom-designed JA27. The letters “JA” are his initials, while “27” is the number he’s worn his entire career. He has had this model designed for him by several companies, including Tucci, Victus, Sam Bat, Cooperstown, and Marucci.

Early in his career, Altuve used the H238 model from Louisville Slugger. Various players have used this bat – most famously the home run king Barry Bonds. Other bats Altuve has used in-game include the TL-238 from Tucci and the CC8 model from Sam Bat.

Why Does Jose Altuve Use a Bat with a Full Cup?

Jose Altuve swings a bat with a full cup, which means it has a deep indentation on top. The indentation, called the “cup,” helps balance out the bat’s weight, so it’s not too heavy at the barrel. In other words, it feels lighter to swing than a similar-sized bat without a full cup.

Considering his small stature, it’s no surprise Altuve likes to swing a lighter-feeling bat. Other MLB stars who use a full cup include Manny Machado, Giancarlo Stanton, José Abreu, and Ryan Braun.

Why Kind of Wood Is Jose Altuve’s Bat?

While the same size and model of bat can be made using several types of wood, Altuve prefers to use bats made of maple. His bats from Victus, Tucci, Sam Bat, Cooperstown, and Louisville Slugger have all been made from maple wood. 

Where Can I Buy a Bat Like Jose Altuve’s?

Sam Bat is the place to go if you’re looking to purchase a JA27 model bat. You can customize your own JA27 on their website, choosing the length, weight, cup size, and coloration that suits you best. The bat currently retails for $199 USD.

As an alternative, Bruce Bolt sells replica JA27 bats of their own. Altuve doesn’t use this brand himself, but their bats are made from maple like an authentic JA27.

Where Can I Buy a Game-Used Jose Altuve Bat?

Game-used and MLB-authenticated Jose Altuve bats are regularly up for auction on the official online auction website of the Houston Astros. Game-used bats can also be found on third-party retailers like eBay, but be sure to double-check that they come with proper proof of authenticity before you purchase.

What Brand of Shoes Does Jose Altuve Wear?

Jose Altuve primarily wears New Balance shoes. He relies on the company to make both his cleats and his turf shoes. In the past, he has also worn Nike cleats. His shoe size is a US men’s nine.

What Kind of Glove Does Jose Altuve Use?

Jose Altuve uses a Wilson brand glove in the field. It is 11.5 inches, which is the typical size for a second baseman. This glove is large enough to have a sizeable pocket but small enough to allow the fielder to make quick transfers. 

What Batting Gloves Does Jose Altuve Use?

Jose Altuve primarily uses batting gloves from Frankling Sports. He has his own line of custom Frankling batting gloves called the Franklin Pro Jose Altuve Custom Powerstrap Batting Gloves.

Altuve has also been spotted using a pair of MVP Elite Pro batting gloves from Nike.

Related Questions

How Tall Is Jose Altuve?

Standing just 5 feet, 6 inches tall, Jose Altuve is the shortest active player in Major League Baseball. Tony Kemp of the Oakland Athletics is also 5’6”.
Since Altuve swings a 33-inch bat, his bat is half as tall as he is.

How Much Does Jose Altuve Weigh?

According to Major League Baseball, Jose Altuve weighs 75 kilograms (165 pounds). However, fans should take this measurement with a grain of salt because a player’s weight can fluctuate significantly throughout the year. Regardless, Altuve is one of the lighest players in the game.