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Flex Base Jerseys vs. Cool Base Jerseys

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 it comes to baseball jerseys, there are a plethora of options on the market. Two of the most popular ones are the Majestic Flex Base, the official on-field jersey (up to the current 2020 season_ of Major League Baseball, and Majestic Cool Base, the officially licensed replica jersey Major League Baseball. They are both made by Majestic, but more than just the on-field and replica words define them.

Flex Base jerseys were the MLB’s official jersey up until this year, the 2020 season. They are made out of top quality, lightweight, mesh twill fabric. They have zones to help ventilate while wearing and help the players stay cool with plenty of freedom to move. Cool Base Jerseys are made of wick-away, breathable fabric.

Of course, there are other differences between the two fabrics, not the least of which are that Flex Base jerseys are worn on-field by your favorite players while the Cool Base jerseys are a replica of on-field jerseys.

The Basics Of Flex Base Jerseys

Majestic introduced the Flex Base jerseys for the 2016 baseball season. This jersey pushed the technology used for the Cool Base jersey the year before down a level. It was designed in partnership with the MLB players for ultimate comfort and movement on the field.

It is a lighter material than used in the past, with panel vent zones built into the twill to allow for cooling on the field. It also has patented Air Belt technology as well. This is a sewn-on panel tail that allows for the player’s effortless movement while keeping the jersey tucked and supposed to be while the player is diving and running around.

The Basics of Cool Base Jerseys

The Cool Base jersey was in use in the Major Leagues until the 2016 season, when Majestic introduced their Flex Base technology. This was cutting edge material for baseball jerseys up until then.

These jerseys were made out of moisture-wicking material made of interlocking, lightweight fabric. They are incredibly breathable and were the foundation for the Flex Base jerseys. These are now the officially licensed “Authentic Merchandise” jerseys.

They do not have the so-called comfort tail on them, and they will no longer have the patches on them that ensure they are authentic on-field jerseys. Remember that these are very high-quality replica jerseys, just not the same as the on-field Flex Base ones.

All legitimate Cool Base jerseys have a cool base tag on them to let you know you have an authentic jersey.

What Are The Updates To The Flex Base from The Cool Base?

Majestic really took into account not only the improvements they had made with the Cool Base Jerseys and worked them into their updated Flex Base. They also worked in partnership with the actual Major League players to make even better jerseys.

This is how they came to make the following changes that they did and outdate the beloved Cool Base jersey:

  • Flex Base Upgrades
    • Air Belt technology is what the mesh ventilation panels on the side of the jersey are named – they keep the player cooler
    • The twill material used in the Flex Base jerseys made even lighter – weight is reduced by between ten to twenty percent.
    • Tailor-made to the player
    • The tail on the end of the jersey for tucking in works with new grippers on the uniform pants to keep everything comfortably in place

What is entirely different between the Flex Base Jersey and Cool Base Jersey?

The most significant difference between these two jerseys is not the material or the design, however. Looking closely at the lettering, numbering, and stitching on the different parts of the jersey.

On the Cool Base jersey, the team and player information is like an iron-on patch, made and cut out using the Kiss Cut method. The team name, logo, and player number (and name depending on the team) are fully sealed iron-on pieces.

The retail Flex Base jersey is designed to be almost identical to the on-field Flex Base jersey. They have the team name, logo, and player number/name made out of a twill material that is then diligently stitched onto the jersey.

How to tell if the Jersey you are looking at is a knock-off

Jerseys are a great way to show support for your baseball team, but as they are costly, you may be very tempted to get it when you see a cheaper one. However, keep in mind, knock-off jerseys are less expensive for a reason.

Those selling these knock-offs are often not approved MLB vendors, and therefore have to make slight changes to ensure they are not in danger of impeding on trademarks. Also, they will not have access to the same resources approved by MLB vendors do.

Here are some signs that the jersey you are looking at is not a licensed replica jersey:

  • Altered team logo
  • Missing MLB logo
  • No authentic collection tags
  • No cool base tag
  • Poor-quality material
  • Bad stitching
  • Misaligned elements
  • A much lower price than others
  • Any misspelling



Do Cool Base Jerseys run small?

It depends on the fit. If you are getting an older knit jersey, they tend to be more clingy and have a slimmer fit. However, once you get into the Cool Base jerseys, the wick-away material made the fit much looser and less clingy.

Who is the new MLB official Jersey provider?

Nike is the new Authentic and Licensed Replica Jerseys as of 2020. They also have a version of throwback jerseys that they call the Nike Cooperstown Collection. They have taken a look at MLB history and chosen the biggest stars of the game through the decades, crafting them in the style of the era they played in

How to clean a jersey?

Use cold water to wash your jersey. If you wash your jersey on hot, then you can fade the color or damage any decals for those without stitched on letters and numbers. You are OK to use detergent on your jersey, but you should use non-bleach, color protectant, good quality powder detergent for best results. Washing on delicate or hand wash options are best.

Putting your jersey in the dryer is not the best option. Depending on your jersey’s material, it could cause shrinkage, color fading, or other damage.

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