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Does Goodwill Take Baseball Cards?

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Baseball card collecting is a fun and popular hobby. Over time, however, some people may find themselves with more baseball cards than they know what to do with.

A great way to find a second home for baseball card collections is to give them away to an organization that accepts donations of used goods. One such organization is Goodwill. So, does Goodwill take baseball cards?

While each branch of Goodwill might have different rules about what items they accept as donations, most locations will accept baseball cards as long as they remain in good condition. Goodwill can provide a tax deductible donation receipt in exchange for baseball cards.

It can sometimes be hard to tell whether or not Goodwill accepts a particular item. Each branch of Goodwill has a list of items they do and do not accept on their website, but Goodwill accepts such a wide variety of donations that it would be impossible to compile an exhaustive list of every item they might or might not accept.

Therefore, a good rule of thumb is that Goodwill accepts most “gently used items in good condition.” As long as an item is in good shape and it is not on the list of items Goodwill cannot accept, there is a very high likelihood Goodwill will accept the donation.

How To Know If Your Local Goodwill Accepts Baseball Cards

While most Goodwill locations should accept baseball cards, it is wise to check the website of your local Goodwill branch before heading out to drop off any cards. The website may tell you everything you need to know about your prospective donation.

For example, the website for the New York and New Jersey branch of Goodwill clearly states that they accept baseball card donations. Baseball cards are listed under the acceptable item category “Storage, Linens, & Clutter.”

On the other hand, the website for the New England branch of Goodwill does not mention baseball cards on the list of acceptable items to donate. This does not mean, however, that New England Goodwill does not accept baseball cards.

Baseball cards are not included on the list of unacceptable items either. As long as the cards are clean and well taken care of, a New England Goodwill should probably accept them.

Getting In Touch With Your Local Goodwill

If you are still unsure whether or not your local Goodwill will accept your donation, you can always call or email your local branch to inquire further. The phone number and/or email address you need should be listed on the website.

The best way to find out if your local Goodwill takes baseball cards is to directly ask a person who works there!

Filling Out A Donation Receipt

Once you have donated your baseball cards to Goodwill, you may want to fill out a tax receipt. Your local Goodwill branch may have instructions for how to do so on their website, and you can also ask the employee who helped you make the donation for assistance.

You will be responsible for determining the “fair market value” of your donation yourself. This means estimating the value of the baseball cards you donated. Before heading over to Goodwill to drop off your cards, take some time to decide how much you think they are worth.

The employee who processed your donation will have to sign and confirm your receipt.

Related Questions

What Other Organizations Accept Baseball Card Donations?

Some other organizations that take baseball cards include Donate Cards, Commons 4 Kids, Cards 2 Kids, and Giving Center. There may also be local organizations within your community to which you can donate cards.

However, unlike Goodwill, these other organizations may not offer a tax deductible donation receipt. If you are looking for such a receipt, make sure to research the particular organization to which you plan to donate to see if it is an option.

Does Goodwill Take Baseball Equipment?

As long as it is only gently used and in good working condition, Goodwill accepts baseball equipment. Goodwill takes most sports equipment, including tennis rackets, hockey gear, and basketballs.

Sports-related items that Goodwill cannot accept include used bike helmets, large exercise equipment, and fishing tackle.

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