What is the Difference Between New Era And 47 Hats?

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As with all products, baseball caps also have those brands that stand apart from the rest. The two top brands are arguably the New Era brand and the 47-brand hats. The loyal fans of each brand will defend the uniqueness and the superiority of their brand to the end. There are differences between the two brands that draw different kinds of fans.

What exactly are the differences between 47 and New Era hats? New Era does have the long-term exclusive right to provide the MLB with the teams’ official uniform caps, one of the most significant differences. Otherwise, the New Era is a structured, more traditional style hat, while 47 is an unstructured, more casual hat.

What are some other differences between the two brands, and what makes them so popular amongst consumers? Let’s dive into the hats’ intricacies and find out what exactly sets them apart from each other.

47 Brand Hats

The brand 47 began in, of course, 1947. Twin brothers Henry and Arthur D’Angelo immigrated to America from Italy with their family. They learned that they could make money by selling sports memorabilia on the sports-crazy streets of Boston. Over seventy years later, the foundations they began with still run the business.

The brand has become more popular in the 2000s as their specific vintage, worn style has grown in popularity. The casualness and everyday wear of them has appealed to millennials in droves.

47 Brand hats have created many loyal fans and are a direct competitor to the New Era. They offer many of the same hat wear styles, but subtle differences make them stand apart from their competitor. 

  • 47 Brand Hats Unique Features
    • Looser fitting
    • Fit better on bigger heads
    • Fit well over more hair
    • Casual look
    • Vintage style – the hat looks worn from the start, naturally distressed.
    • Shorter Bill
    • Unstructured Style

New Era Brand Hats

New Era is 100 years old as of this year, and they have become known for being the officially licensed hat maker to professional MLB players, their 59Fifty hat becoming known the world over, and the brand that made fitted a household word. They began the path to becoming the exclusive provider of hats to the MLB back in 1960; ‘s having already been in business for forty years.

In 1996, Spike Lee convinced them to make one single red NY Yankee hat – and that brought fashion into the fandom range, causing New Era to alter their contract with the MLB to make hats with team logos on them, not just in the official team colors.

New Era brought logo hats to the forefront when people began asking if they could get their favorite team’s hats. They kept the domination up, eventually being the only company to have on the court, on-field, and sideline cap rights simultaneously in the 2010s.

Why do fans of New Era think their brand is the best?

  • New Era Brand Hats Unique Features
    • Has a truer size fit
    • Structured hat
    • Low or high profile available in the 59Fifty
    • Can get fitted, snap-back, stretch/adjustable hats.
    • Flat or curved bill available
    • More Traditional look
    • Licensed material to MLB, NFL, and NBA, among others
    • Often innovators in hat style, seeing trends and starting them early.

Pick Your Brand

Looking at these, you then have to decide what you are looking for in a brand. Honestly, both companies have proven that they have what it takes to adapt and change with the times enough to stay in business. Some need to know that a brand they are throwing their loyalty behind will be around for a while, and these two companies have proven that.

Both hats have made it this far because they are made of quality materials, and are well made in every aspect, every step of the way.

The quality between the two is comparable, and they are both made well and to last. 47-brand will likely stand up to washing better as it is a non-structured design, so you will want to look at their designs if that is important to you.

New Era is the officially licensed producer to the pros – often, 47 brands may look just off when it comes to color, like the blues or greens may be lighter.

To be clear, 47 does have the right to use the logos. They do not tend to have hats that will perfectly match your favorite players on the field, as they don’t have the same access as the New Era does.

If matching exactly is incredibly essential to you, New Era will be the brand for you. The 59Fifty is the hat that is worn on-field, and players have a choice as to choose low-or-high-profile versions. No matter which crown height you choose, you are getting a structured hat that runs truer to fit than other hats with a New Era hat.

47-brand hats are a more casual and comfortable hat. There is no breaking in period as they come pre-distressed and worn. They are a looser-fitting hat, but they should not stretch even with their unstructured fit since pre-distressed.

It comes down to style. For a more structured, traditional, crisper look, you go with New Era. For that more fashion-forward, vintage, perfectly worn look, 47 is your brand. Once you decide your hat’s essential factors, buy, and then choose how you want to rock your new hat out.

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