Best Youth Sunglasses for Baseball

5 Best Youth Sunglasses for Baseball for 2023

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Sunglasses are both fun and essential gear for any youth baseball player. They keep the eyes safe by protecting the wearer from the excessive brightness and UV light from the sun. The UV coating is to thank for keeping players’ eyes safe while also helping them see easier when the sun is at its peak during a game.

While preventing bright sun glare, sunglasses also help a player’s eyes focus on the ball approaching them, whether they are batting or fielding. Wearing a pair of sunglasses while outdoors can also protect your eyes from various other external things, such as dust, rocks, and more.

If you are looking for the five best youth sunglasses for baseball, you have come to the right place. With so many options available, it’s easy for anyone to feel a bit confused and overwhelmed. To ease your stress and help you choose easier, we have done the homework for you.

We have reviewed more than a dozen baseball sunglasses for youths and compared them with each other to find the perfect ones. Read on to find a complete review of each product.

If you are in a hurry to order, we simply suggest that you go with our editor’s choice: the RAWLINGS RY134 youth baseball shielded sunglasses (see Amazon). These feature a foldable, lightweight frame with rubber details to give a comfortable fit. The mirrored glasses are carefully constructed to keep out UV rays and enhance the clarity of vision.

#1. RAWLINGS RY134 Youth Baseball Shielded Sunglasses

The first product on our list is the pair of RAWLINGS RY134 youth baseball shielded sunglasses that come with a foldable and lightweight frame. These have rubber details made with flexible blended nylon to give you a comfortable fit, and the mirrored, polycarbonate, and scratch-resistant lenses are carefully constructed for a perfect finish.

These sunglasses are designed to give you 100% UVA and UVB protection and keep the eyes safe from the sun. When you have hydrophobic and easy-to-clean lenses, this will always keep you at the top of your game. It’s no wonder that Rawlings is known as the #1 provider of sports sunglasses for youth athletes.

Their sports frames are built for intense athletic play, ensuring the wearer has plenty of comfort and durability. When you take on the field with the Rawlings plaque-molded logo on both temples and an etched lens logo, it will give you a sense of pride. These sunglasses tell your competition that you are a part of the finest team in sports.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 1.73 oz.
  • Foldable and secure
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Polycarbonate, mirrored, scratch-resistant lenses
  • Non-polarized (100% UVA/B/C)
  • Lightweight, flexible frames
  • Flexible blended nylon
  • Easy-to-clean lenses

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have used these sunglasses have said that these fit snugly to give them easy movement in any sports and add to a better experience. Some people have also said that these fit well, look great, and help in providing a clearer view of the ball without any distortion like other glasses. A few customers have warned that theirs lasted for only a few months, but they also noted that they so work for as long as they last.


The RAWLINGS RY134 youth baseball shielded sunglasses (see Amazon) are a well-designed pair of sunglasses that make you look and feel cool on the field. While they get the work done as expected, the durability of the product cannot be confirmed. Despite that, we feel that the sunglasses offer a good value for the money at this price.

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#2. Rawlings Youth Sunglasses QTS RY 109 Athletic

The next product on our list is also from Rawlings, and this pair of youth sunglasses is made for the wannabe professionals in sports like baseball and softball. These come with a blue, mirrored, polycarbonate frame and polycarbonate shatter-resistant lens.

Whether you are on the field and playing the big game or simply watching it from the stands, these half-rim athletic sunglasses are meant to suit all styles. The scratch-resistant hard coating and easy-to-clean lens further repel any dirt, water, and oil.

The rubber temple tips, combined with the nose pads, promise to give users a comfortable, non-slip grip on the nose even when sweating. We were impressed by the polycarbonate, 2 mm, de-centered lenses that provide shatter and impact resistance along with distortion-free vision.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 2.08 oz.
  • Double-injected rubber components
  • Blue, mirrored, polycarbonate plastic frames
  • Shatter-resistant lenses
  • Colors available: gray/blue, blue mirrored lens
  • 1-year limited warranty

User/Customer Reviews

People who have used these sunglasses have said that they look cool, but the downside is that the lenses scratch easily. Some people feel that they are perfect for the price and certainly get the work done for beginner baseball and softball enthusiasts. A few customers have warned that you will need to check to ensure the right fit for your child’s head.


The Rawlings QTS RY 109 athletic youth sunglasses are an attractive-looking and stylish pair of baseball or softball sunglasses. They provide a good shield for the eyes and a good fit on the nose and temple area. Overall, we feel that while this may not be the most durable pair of sunglasses on the market, but they are certainly worth the money.

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#3. RAWLINGS Youth Baseball Sunglasses

The third product is another pair of the youth baseball sunglasses from Rawlings, and these are available in cool-looking shades of white and blue. Made in the USA, these sunglasses are perfectly designed to give little baseball players the protection and sense of style they need on the field.

The product has a plastic frame and plastic, non-polarized lenses, but these do not look cheap. In fact, their appearance gives a nice look like that of a professional player whether you are on or off the field. There is also UV-protection coating on the lenses to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. These special lenses additionally improve the visibility of the ball on the field.

We love the stylish wrap-around frames that come with a comfortable bridge that provides a no-slip performance even while sweating. The manufacturer backs its products and stands behind them with a one-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 0.8 oz.
  • Flexible plastic design
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • No-slip performance
  • Comfortable bridge design

User/Customer Reviews

Users have been elated with their purchase as these sunglasses perfectly suit the little baseball and softball players in their lives and make for great gifts. People have also said that the price point is perfect, as it is not wise to invest too much for kids at this age. A few customers have also said that they fit perfectly and give a nice look to the players both on and off the field.


The RAWLINGS Youth Baseball Sunglasses (see Amazon) is the perfect pair of glasses to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays or any form of eye injury. Besides their functional aspect, they are also stylish in appearance. Overall, we feel that this product offers just what you can ask for at this price.

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#4. Oakley Kids’ Oj9001 Radar Ev Xs Path Rectangular Sunglasses

Does your little one wish they could look like a pro baseball player while learning the moves? We suggest that you check out the Oakley Kids’ Oj9001 Radar EV XS Path rectangular sunglasses that boast advanced technology designed to enhance the color contrast so that wearers can even better see the finer details.

This pair of sunglasses features a plastic frame and non-polarized plastic lenses with UV protection coating to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. They come in twelve attractive shades to choose from and give your little player a stylish appearance combined with the best of protection.

We love the lightweight, semi-frameless design that acts like a shield, perfect for playing outside all day. The three-point fit also gives wearers a comfortable experience, and the accurate optical alignment allows for perfect viewing. These come with unobtainium nose pads and ear socks that hold on even better with they get wet from you sweating, giving you a more secure fit.

Product features and specifications

  • Blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, and UVC rays
  • Three-point fit
  • Semi-frameless design
  • Unobtainium nose pads and ear socks
  • Non-polarized plastic lens
  • UV protection coating

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have bought these sunglasses for their little players have said that the kids love the look and the perfect fit of these shades. People have also mentioned that the quality of the lenses are fantastic, and they do the job well of protecting the eyes on the field. A few customers have even said that compared to other sunglasses, these products give a clearer view, too.


The Oakley Kids’ Oj9001 Radar EV XS Path rectangular sunglasses are lightweight and sport a spectacular design that makes you look like a pro on the baseball or softball field. They are also designed to provide optimum protection to the eyes. At this price, we feel that the product offers a great deal.

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#5. Xagger Youth Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Boys Girls

When your baseball enthusiast wants to look sharp on his or her way into the field, you need to check out the Xagger youth polarized sports sunglasses for both boys and girls. This product is a perfect example of style, functionality, and performance all in one pair of sunglasses.

These sunglasses feature a plastic frame that adds a cool-looking appearance when you are on the field during game. The polarized, tri-acetate cellulose lenses minimize the glare and eye strain to help your child see better during any outdoor activity. They also protect their eyes from the sun’s rays with the high-quality, UV-protection coating.

The impact resistance feature of these sunglasses ensures durability so that you get a good return for your money. We love the thoughtful performance design of these youth sunglasses that provides a comfortable fit on your child’s face, too.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Tri-acetate cellulose lens
  • UV-protection coating
  • Polarized anti-glare lenses
  • Plastic frames
  • Available in 27 shades

User/Customer Reviews

Customers have raved about how happy their kids and grandkids were to receive the sports sunglasses for their games. Although a few users mentioned they felt a bit flimsy, others said these were a great value at the price at which they were offered. These have consistently been said to be comfortable and a not a distracting pair of sunglasses when your kid needs to focus on the game.


The Xagger youth polarized sports sunglasses for both boys and girls are the perfect pair of sunglasses for teenagers who want to look and play like professionals. These add the perfect dash of style quotient combined with functionality to the wearers. Overall, we feel that this product is just what you could ask for at this price point.

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Buying Guide: Youth Sunglasses for Baseball

baseball sunglasses

While all the products mentioned above have been carefully handpicked by our team, you may still need to narrow down your choices. In this buying guide, we have created a list of some of the most important factors to consider before choosing the best youth sunglasses for baseball for 2022. Read on to find out more.

Frame technology

This feature can make or break a pair of sunglasses, so choose a pair of sunglasses that comes with a lightweight frame and that covers a wide field of vision. Good comfort and fit are keys to being successful during games. You may also want to look for impact-resistant frames that ensure season-long durability and eye safety.

Good grip

When looking for frames, you must also pay attention to the grip technology that is used. We suggest that you look for frames that come with a specialized rubberized material on the nose pads and temples. This type of material gets tackier with sweat and keeps the glasses in place even with sudden movement. You should also check for proper alignment of the frames so you’re sure to get a good grip from them.

Lens technology

The next important factor to consider when buying kids’ baseball sunglasses is lens technology. We suggest that you look for lenses that help in improving both color and depth perception. The lenses should be able to handle different times of day and various lighting conditions. Some options available are polarized lenses, contrast-enhancing lenses, transition lenses, and more.


Youth sunglasses for baseball should be helmet- and hat-compatible to enable your little champions to focus on the game at hand. When they are confident that the glasses will not slip or fall, this helps give them the best concentration possible.


When you choose a frame with good coverage, this ensures your kid is well protected from harmful UV rays, debris, and dirt during outdoor activities. You may want to look for a high-wrap frame with an 8-base curve to ensure that your kid’s peripherals are well-covered and also free of any hindrance to give them a better view of their surroundings.

Related Questions

Are polarized sunglasses good for baseball?

Yes. Polarized lenses are a good choice for sports, including those such as baseball or softball, because the filtering mechanism of these lenses minimizes the unwanted glare while allowing more of the advantageous light required for sharp vision.

Which shade of sunglasses is best for baseball?

The best and most recommended shades for daytime use are rose and rose copper lenses. These colors give the wearer a higher level of contrast and do a great job at separating and boosting the color effects of their surroundings, making things far easier to see.