8 Best Places for Cheap Jerseys of MLB Players & Teams for 2024

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Major League Baseball fans are known to show their support for players and teams by buying and wearing realistic or replica jerseys like those they see on the field, in photos, or on television. The challenge is, not all fans can afford truly authentic baseball jerseys. One might ask, “What’s the best place for cheap jerseys?”

Affordable or cheap jerseys of MLB players or teams, both present and past, are widely available from a number of online sales sites. The question is, how can one be certain about the authenticity or quality of cheap baseball jerseys?

A fan can find cheap baseball jerseys when a player changes teams (look for Mookie Betts’ Red Sox jerseys from 2018 or earlier), or if manufacturers are trying to offload inventory. Majestic made MLB jerseys from 2004 to 2019, and today you can find some low-priced quality MLB jerseys made by the brand in past years.

Since the 2020 season, Nike has produced jerseys worn by MLB players, and the general going rate for an authentic MLB jersey is about $135.

But if a fan is okay with a replica not necessarily absolutely identical to jerseys worn on the field ~ or if they don’t care how long the shirt will last ~ baseball jerseys are available for as low as $6.

Where Insider Fans Point to for Cheap Baseball Jerseys

It does not take long to locate online sales sites with cheap-yet-acceptable baseball jerseys. Fans will mention the most-used or -trusted sites, including but not limited to:


Depending on when you happen upon this site and its “Special Prices” of the moment, decent MLB jerseys can  be bought for as little as $22 from this site. And user reviews about the quality and shipping process are not all bad.

We mentioned discounts for jerseys of players who switched teams? Check this page for jerseys of all the stars the Chicago Cubs unloaded last summer! Jersey prices are usually listed at $79, then tagged with a Special Price of $22.

They even offer classic jerseys of baseball team names long gone.


Some say this is the top site for cheap jerseys of MLB players or teams. Particularly, look for specials or sales that can get you older jerseys for as little as $1.20!

The site has its share of regularly priced authentic baseball jerseys, many topping $100, but it also has a great range of options including affordable jerseys of teams after the team name changed.


This site touts its “discount jerseys,” and in general jerseys are available for $30 with a team style and logo on front but nothing on the back, or $35 for specific players’ names and numbers on the backside.

The site seems mostly focused on soccer jerseys, but in reality they sell jerseys from a number of pro sports including football and basketball. Find them at either or

Where are the Cheapest MLB Jerseys?

Probably DH Gate, a site for China wholesale products that also offers a mesmerizing array of baseball jerseys, for very low prices. Basically, $25 to $36 can get you jerseys of MLB stars (though probably not of any player, star or not). At the very low, some are priced around $6!

DH Gate also offers discounts for some jerseys if purchased through its own mobile app. A decent number of users have reported that their jerseys are nearly identical to the official MLB jerseys sold for much higher prices. The only question seems to be shipping, which sometimes takes longer than typical U.S. to U.S. shipments.

The Old Go-To’s

Not sure about using an unknown sports jerseys sales site ~ especially if their website looks outdated or even cheesy ~ then don’t forget about the old go-to’s for pro sports gear and memorabilia. That is …


Quite simply, you can find quality MLB jerseys for cheap prices on this well-known website.


The site that darn near killed high prices for baseball cards is a good place to look for affordable MLB jerseys, whether new or used. Use the robust Search box to enter a player name or team, and tack on the word “jersey” and see what’s out there.


This online marketplace for vintage items can be surprising in the old-school MLB jerseys you can find. You even can find jerseys for umpires here. This might be the best place to look for “throwback” jerseys ~ like for defunct teams like the St. Louis Browns, or Negro League teams.


Not as consistent as the sites above, and at times sketchy with individual-to-individual sales, but you might be surprised at what you can find from the sports world on Craigslist. Searching is easy using a CL app, namely the one made by YanFlex.

Honorable Mentions

Facebook Marketplace, Walmart,

For Authentic MLB Jerseys

To guarantee quality and authenticity, then MLB Shop is the place to go. The site has an awesome selection of MLB jerseys. Just don’t expect to find anything cheap there.

Final Words on Cheap Baseball Jerseys

Baseball fans like to show off just how fanatical they are about their team by wearing real (or at least real-looking) jerseys to games and in public. When eyeing cheap MLB jerseys, go in knowing there’s a difference between cheap, and affordable.

Many very cheap jerseys are knock-offs, meaning replicas, or not close to real or authentic. The colors might be a bit off, or seams not the tightest. They’re definitely not the same shirts MLB players wear in games.

When you pay more for baseball jerseys you’re generally paying for more of a guarantee that those jerseys are as authentic as possible, and that they will last longer.

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