Best High School Baseball Cleats

6 Best High School Baseball Cleats for 2024

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A pair of baseball cleats is an essential piece of equipment for any young ballplayer. When the stakes get higher, such as at the high school level, even more so. Comfortable, high-performance spikes definitely can make a difference on the diamond.

That said, we wanted to take a look at the best high school baseball cleats for 2023. The high school season fast approaches, and either the player or his or her parents probably have an interest in which brand and style of cleat will make it easiest to perform well ~ and look good.


What to Look for in High School Baseball Cleats

In all honesty, at this age of baseball play, the most important factors should be comfort, and durability. In sports, as the feet go, so goes the body. The feet support all the action and as such should be treated carefully.

Parents also will wonder how long a pair might last. We provide some insight into comfort, durability, and more under the following categories. Here’s what to look for depending on the player’s size, position, and situation.


The type of spikes underneath can make quite a difference in how the shoes feel while in play, and also how well they will grip. You’ll have to choose between metal and non-metal like rubber or plastic.

Older fathers will understand metal spikes, the age-old go-to for baseball. Basically, the standard is a 7-spike system, with 3 up front and a square or diamond of 4 on the heel. Metal spikes are better for games played on very hard surfaces, such as really dry ones in the West, or very moist grass to prevent slippage.

Metal spikes should last longer than the plastic or rubber versions, which are a more modern (if over the past 40 years can be considered modern) introduction that even some Major League Baseball players prefer to use. Rubber cleats are softer, and are more flexible than the metal ones helping with grip in places, as well as comfort.

Basically, non-metal spikes will be more comfortable over many games; but metal spikes should last longer as they do not wear away as fast. Some hitters and pitchers insist on metal for the pure gripping power as the spikes dig into any ground. Others appreciate the safety of non-metal spikes.


Gone are the days when all cleats from high school level and up were leather. Most quality or high-end high school baseball cleats are made from synthetic material (usually a souped-up plastic faux leather), with a high likelihood that mesh will be featured in parts to reduce weight.

Leather generally lasts longer. However leather is heavy, and prone to cracking if inundated with moisture often; and modern technology has come up with some solid alternatives.


The lower the weight, the more likely the player will appreciate the cleat because they won’t “get in the way” or “slow down” a player. The 1-lb. milestone is the general separation point for light and very light. If a pair of cleats indicates weight in only ounces, then they’re pretty light.

Some players, particularly pitchers and catchers, don’t care much about weight. They want very sturdy cleats that will last. Pitchers also want a solid spikes structure to help with push-offs and landings. Some might appreciate a mid- or even high-top style for ankle support.

Preferred weights for sports shoes are totally up to the user. As 1 lb. or less means light, think of anything over 2 lbs. As leaning on the heavy side. Then consider the weight figure against factors like the player’s size and position, playing surfaces to be used most often, environment (wet or dry?), and type of hitter (slap hitter dependent on speed?).

Special Qualities

Most modern high school baseball cleats are mired deep into the mass marketing battle that is typical in America when big corporations produce the most-used items. As such, you can look for a certain quality or 2 in some high-end or high-quality shoes that make them stand apart.

It could be something like reinforced toes to prevent wear from pitching; a gizmo to tuck away shoelaces to prevent tripping; more spikes; or use of special strong or lightweight (or both) material.

Our Picks for the Best High School Baseball Cleats

1. Best High School Baseball Cleats Overall ~ New Balance Fresh Foam 3000 V5 Metal Baseball Shoe


Several models of high school baseball cleats are reviewed well by users; but the New Balance Fresh Foam 3000 V5 Metal Baseball Shoe seems to surpass them all. This model’s combination of comfort and science-based design puts it atop all others and lands the top ranking in our list.

The comfort part goes without saying for New Balance. It’s the company’s calling card in a crowded athletic shoes market. The difference-maker here is the company’s Fresh Foam midsole cushioning, which they tout as engineered with precision. We don’t doubt it.

The 3000 is decently priced, not low but not at the highest. In our opinion, a high school baseball player can get quite the bang for the buck. Besides the company’s fine data-driven design, high schoolers should appreciate the great array of solid or 2-tone color schemes, matching school colors more easily.


  • Spikes: Metal (8-spike outsole)
  • Material: Synthetic and TPU/Poly combo mesh
  • Weight: 13 oz.
  • Special: Lace cage on tongue holds laces secured during play

What We Like

  • About as comfortable as high school baseball spikes get
  • Light weight
  • New Balance data-driven design eliminates guesswork
  • Moderate price for such quality

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2. Best High School Baseball Cleats on a Budget ~ Under Armour Leadoff


Previously we mentioned getting more bang for the buck. That describes the Under Armour Leadoff model to a T. Compare prices for Leadoff versions with similar items and you’ll see our point. That it’s among the highest-quality high school baseball cleats is a (tremendous) bonus.

The classic 2-tone look is eye-catching and different from many other models in its class ~ which can be important to high school ballers. The rubber sole and full-length EVA midsole do wonder for comfort; and the company added padding to the heel and collar for even more coziness.

The UA Leadoff provides plenty of special features to look closely at, starting with the toe-box perforations to allow air flow and reduce moisture inside. We really like how the rubber spikes are spread apart allowing for an even distribution of weight, again good for comfort. An overlay on the toe cap to fight against wear is a nice touch.


  • Spikes: Rubber molded
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 1.74 lbs.
  • Special: Durable toe cap overlay for protection from wear

What We Like

  • Full-length midsole boosts comfort
  • Excellent disbursement of rubber cleats, plus cushioning for comfort
  • Superb user reviews (and many of them!)
  • Great affordable pricing

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3. Best High School Baseball Cleats for Comfort ~ New Balance L4040 V5


Not intending to be a megaphone for its baseball cleats, but the pure comfort and stylings of the New Balance L4040 V5 are too much to rank this model any lower. In fact, we can’t find anything to dislike about these baseball spikes.

All the science and data that New Balance uses in its design aside, what captured our eyes first was how many color schemes there are to choose from. As any veteran parents of high school baseballers can attest, often how the player looks is almost as important as the performance of the equipment.

It is nicely weighted at a single pound, and the New Balance kinetic stitch element may be the biggest drawing point. This technology uses movement-based biomechanical data to stitch the shoes in a pattern to increase strength, boost flexibility, and add to all the comforting support. This is a very solid high school baseball cleat model.


  • Spikes: Metal
  • Material: Synthetic; rubber bottom surrounding metal spikes
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Special: Kinetic Stitch upper

What We Like

  • High-tech design sure to bolster comfort
  • Color choices
  • Full-length REVlite midsole
  • Sleek, baseball-specific look
  • Snug, secure fit

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4. Best High School Baseball Cleats for Support ~ Under Armour Harper 4


Not our intention to make this a New Balance-Under Armour battle, but that’s just how the pieces fell. We didn’t want to punish a model just to be sure to include another brand, a la the MLB all-star game. The Under Armour Harper 4 provides a significant bang for the buck for high school baseball players.

This baseball cleat model looks like it had design help from a pro. The adjustable ankle strap really helps stability and support which can translate to more power. The full-length EVA midsole helps ease the pressure from the cleats below, and adds to a fine balance in these shoes. That it has no tongue might seem strange, but we like what it does for comfort.


  • Spikes: Rubber molded
  • Material: Textile and synthetic
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Special: Tongue-free ankle construction

What We Like

  • Stretchy ankle construction for a “sock-like” feel
  • Bryce Harper-inspired design
  • Nicely priced

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5. Best High School Baseball Cleats for Tradition ~ Nike Vapor Keystone II


Let’s be frank: we included a Nike Keystone version due to the model line’s longevity. The Nike Vapor Keystone II might have the modern “vapor” moniker added, but deep down inside this is a continuation of a long-established Keystone tradition for high school baseball play.

Honestly, this modern Nike Keystone looks different than most high school baseball cleats with its perforated synthetic leather-upper. That the company sticks a huge single swoosh right over the toes adds to its rather unique look. Add to that all the technology and comfort that Nike always provides and you get a great set of cleats.


  • Spikes: 12 rubber
  • Materiall: Perforated synthetic leather
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Special: Perforated upper material

What We Like

  • Several design elements to allow airflow, moisture control, and cooling
  • Mesh collar and tongue
  • Phylon midsole for nice padding atop 12 rubber spikes

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6. Best High School Baseball Cleats for Flexibility ~ Mizuno Vapor Elite 7 Low-M


Where New Balance always aims for comfort, you can bet on Mizuno to shoot for performance enhancement. That’s what we see in the Mizuno Vapor Elite 7 Low-M baseball cleats.

As with the Nike Keystone, this Mizuno offering has been around a while, which speaks to its attractiveness. On the comfort scale is a padded tongue, and full-length midsole. Designed with scientific flexibility qualities, this high school baseball cleat aims to help players perform better.


  • Spikes: 9 metal
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs.
  • Special: Flex zones technology

What We Like

  • Decent pricing
  • Performance-focused design
  • Brand well-established in youth baseball

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