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3 Best Baseball Bucket Bags In 2024

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There are plenty of ways you can haul your baseball equipment out onto the field. However, there is no better choice than the humble baseball bucket bag. These simple designs allow you to easily carry dozens of balls, and maybe even a few extra accessories too.

Of course, with so many different bucket bags out there, how do you choose the one that is right for you? Well, we have four options this year that we are absolutely positive you will love.

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

Baseball bucket bags are vital for any coach or player that doesn’t want to be lugging huge numbers of accessories with them during practice sessions or games.

All of the baseball bucket bags here have been designed to carry at least a bucket’s worth of baseballs. This means that they are perfect for anybody that wants all of their dozens of baseballs in one place, without the need to carry around a rather flimsy bucket.

Best Baseball Bucket Bag in 2022: What to Consider?

When searching for a baseball bucket bag, there are a few things that you are probably going to want to consider before you make your final choice.

Storage Space

Storage space should probably be the main thing you think about. The more storage space, the better.

The primary use of a baseball bucket bag is to hold a baseball bucket, so you need to know that there will be space for at least a few dozen balls, or is at least capable of holding an actual ball bucket.

Other storage compartments certainly wouldn’t go amiss either. A lot of people will use baseball bucket bags to hold everything from notebooks, gloves, drinks, and even baseball bats. You just need to consider how much you want to be carrying onto that field.

Extra Features

Some people enjoy the extra features that certain bucket bags offer. For example; some of the bags we talk about on this page will double as a seat, while one of them even offers a cooler bag to help keep your drinks cold on a warmer day.

Since these are nothing more than bags, extra features will be few and far between, so even as something as small as doubling as a seat is an awesome addition.


Ideally, any baseball bucket bag that you purchase will have been made of a high-quality synthetic material. This will be a bit tougher and will be more than capable of dealing with the weight of dozens of baseballs and any other accessories.

If the bag isn’t capable of holding an actual bucket, then there should be a hard bottom. This will help to ensure that the bucket bag stands up when placed upon the ground. 

Ideally, the bag will also be waterproof. After all, we have all dealt with those exceedingly rainy days on the field.

Carrying Comfort

These bags are going to be loaded with accessories. This means that they can get pretty heavy. The best bags will have a padded carrying strap in place. This means you won’t be injuring your shoulder as you lug the bag out to the baseball field.

Best Baseball Bucket Bags: Our Choices

1. Rawlings Ball Bucket Bag

The Rawlings Ball Bucket Bag (see Amazon) may be the simplest bucket bag on this list, but it is still a tremendous bag. This bucket bag has been designed for the baseball coach or player that wants nothing more than a space to put dozens and dozens of balls for easy access while out there on the field. The heavy duty molded bottom will keep it standing upright, no matter how many balls are loaded into it. If you want something basic, then this is the route to go down. 

What we like

  • High-quality material that could easily last years of heavy use.
  • Holds up to 60 baseballs.
  • Has two storage pockets to hold other baseball accessories.

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t hold buckets. Just the balls.
  • You can’t sit on it

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2. No Errors Ball Buddy Baseball Coach Bag

The No Errors Bucket Bag (learn more) is so much more than just a bucket bag. It is packed to the brim with features. This includes accessory pockets, a cooler pocket, and it even doubles as a seat. The main compartment of this bag is more than capable of holding a 6-gallon bucket of balls. Robust construction materials mean that this is a bag that will see you through practice session after practice session and game after game. This coach bag is best for those coaches that want the best accessories for their team.

What we like

  • Can easily slide in a 6-gallon ball bucket.
  • Several accessory pockets that will allow you to easily stash away your coaching accessories or cellphone.
  • Cooler pocket for keeping a can of drink cool on the warmer days.
  • Surprisingly comfortable seat

What we don’t like

  • The cooler pocket isn’t fully sealed, which can lead to leaks.

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3. Athletico Baseball Bucket Cover Organizer

This bucket bag is billed more as a sleeve/organizer than as an actual bucket bag. However, it serves the same function as a bucket bag. This means that it is capable of holding a ton of baseballs at once. In fact, this bag goes well-beyond your typical baseball bag. It is one of only a few on the market that will allow you to carry a couple of baseball bats at the same time, as well as a whole host of other accessories. This is the perfect choice for the coach or player that wants to have easy access to all of their baseball gear in one place.

What we like

  • Huge array of compartments make this the ‘ultimate’ baseball bag.
  • Comfortable shoulder strap, even if you have loaded up the baseball bucket with gear.
  • The side zip makes it easy to access the balls without having to remove the sleeve from the bucket.
  • Functions as a comfortable seat.

What we don’t like 

  • Main compartment can be a bit tight at first. This makes it difficult to slide the bucket in.

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Final Word

Baseball bucket bags are vital for any coach, or serious baseball player. They are a great way to store baseballs, and a whole host of other accessories. Pick up the right bucket bag, and it will easily last you years.

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