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10 Best Baseball Bags for 2024: Everything You Need to Know

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Baseball comes with a lot of gear, and with all that stuff needed to play, there is a true need for help carrying it all to and from ballfields. There are multiple styles of models today, and we wanted to get deep into them and provide you with our suggestions for the very best baseball bags.

The turn of the century soon brought relatively big changes to the baseball bag industry, namely with the introduction of the backpack style, which continues to dominate lists of the best baseball bags.

But some players prefer the good ol’ straight-up bat bag, or a bag with wheels (rolling bag). There are larger bags for team and catcher’s gear, and medium-sized models for coaches including some that carry a big plastic bucket for balls (and to sit on).

We reviewed dozens of models on the market and compared them for materials, design, ease of use, comfort, and price range, and offered recommendations for each type of baseball bag. We hope you like it, as much as we dug researching and writing!


Who Needs a Baseball Bag

Baseball bags can help all players in youth baseball, as well as what are sometimes called senior leagues, along with coaches and, sometimes, parents.

Baseball is a game with a lot of “must haves” for gear. You must have a fielder’s glove, hopefully of fine leather and broken in quite well. You have to have cleats to avoid slipping on soft dirt running the bases or moist grass in the outfield. And you pretty much need to have a baseball hat, because otherwise you’d look silly. (Plus there’s that dreaded sun always hovering above; and sometimes rain drops coming down).

For many, many years, that was about it. Have those must-haves, and you can get on the ballfield and play. It was a simple time.

Those original must-haves still remain, but they have been supplemented by an assortment of items that many players, if not most of them, want with them in the dugouts for practices and games. Things like hooks to hang bags on fences became the norm.

Think about what you might find if you flipped over a modern baseball bag and dumped out the contents. If you did this for a game, you’d be bound to see fall out:

  • A glove and cleats, and maybe a hat
  • Batting helmet
  • Batting glove(s)
  • (For players in high school ages and older) Wallet, keys, smart phone
  • First-aid ointment like Icy Hot or Tiger Balm
  • First-aid gear like compression tapes, athletic tape, gauze, Band-Aids
  • Knee pad(s)
  • Bat knob cover
  • Black eye grease
  • Towel for sweat or to wipe away dirt particles or dust
  • Backup shoelaces
  • Warmup windbreaker
  • Water or sports drink bottles

Baseball bags used to be simple small duffel bags, with a single zipper at top and all the gear inside. Original bags didn’t even have a slot underneath to slide a bat inside. (That became commonplace in the 1980s).

Then came the 1970s and accessories like batting gloves and knee pads; the ‘80s and that nifty long pocket at bottom to hold bats; and the 1990s and all the various heating ointments players wanted on hand.

Soon thereafter players might have an extra glove, or side helmet, inside to have choices before at bats or to select depending on position played. Players more and more were expected to be utility in terms of the number of positions they could play; which means carrying around even more stuff.

As the market for baseball gear grew, so too did the universe of baseball bags. Let’s take a peek at what makes some models the best.

What to Look for in the Best of Baseball Bags

In considering various models of baseball bags, there are, as stated above, some “must-haves.” Following are some of those features.


How much gear the baseball bag can comfortably hold can be a big deal for players ~ increasing with every age level. Baseball gear just seems to accumulate. Storage space is probably the 1st element to look for.

Check out a bag’s dimensions, which should be listed in height, width, and depth. Some might even provide square inches or some sort of volume indicator, but the main compartment is not the only thing to worry about. How many other pouches and pockets does the bag have? Remember that older players will prefer a pocket that zips up just for keys and wallets.

Overall, the more storage space, the better. However, each inch of size boosts prices. These are the types of things baseball bag buyers must weigh.


Baseball bags take a beating, since they are lugged to and from games, thrown into car trunks or beds of pickup trucks, tossed onto cold concrete in the dugout, or even thrown in disgust. They can absorb sweat and dirt, and get wet from rain water, or super hot from the sun’s rays.

The materials used for the bag should be thick enough for durability, yet light enough to carry, and maybe even flexible. No one uses all-leather baseball bags because they would be heavy and costly. But there are a lot of modern textile materials used that can last quite long.

You want high-quality material, engaged for design with strong seams. Waterproof material is always nice. And make a final check on the overall weight of the bag, if the main material seems quite thick. Younger players will dislike bags that are just too heavy (like the men’s slow pitch softball bags by Easton that came out in the 1990s. Yikes!).


Baseball bags get packed with accessories, including not-so-light fielding gloves, and at least a main bat, if not 2 or 3. So, they can get heavy. The best baseball bags will have padding on carrying straps, and maybe even in the places where the bag snugs against the back.

Pay attention to the wording included in ads and product information sheets for baseball bag models, as some might surprise you with special details for comfort.


Some bags have wheels at the bottom to roll, particularly the big gear and catchers’ bags. It is but a single example of a nice touch that can mean all the world to a player. Nicely located pockets, extra snaps or bungee cords to quickly attach items, etc., can make a big difference.

Finally, think of baseball players in the modern era. No matter what level, or what age, they will want their phone nearby. Notice some baseball bags not only come with pockets just for mobile phones ~ some line those pockets with soft stuff to protect the gadgets!

Our Choices: Best Baseball Bags

1. Best Baseball Bag Overall ~ Athletico Baseball Bat Bag


Of all the baseball bags we reviewed, the Athletico Baseball Bat Bag checks the most boxes, especially when compared with its price. You just can’t go wrong with this backpack-style baseball bag, for a number of reasons, among them a choice from multiple colors.

While this model looks cool, it’s not its appearance that floated this model to the very top of our list. Many features make this a great baseball bag, but what jumps out most to us is the ease of accessing what you need most during the action. Along with the obligatory fence hook, this model includes a bungee cord in front to hold gloves and hats for quick grabbing.

As we said, this Athletico baseball bag offers it all: vented compartment for cleats (and shoes while playing); padded shoulder straps; lumbar protection, and extra pockets for phones, wallets, keys, and more.


  • Material(s): Oxford fabric and polyester
  • Style: Backpack
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs.
  • Size: 19.5 inches tall; 13 inches wide; 8.5 inches deep
  • Volume: 2 bats, 1 helmet, 1 fielding glove, 1 pair cleats, 1 batting glove
  • Special Feature: high-density 600 Denier Oxford fabric for durability

What We Like

  • Superb choice of fabric and nice combination with polyester for a longer-lasting bag
  • Excellent volume including extra pockets for personal items
  • Company says “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”

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2. Best Baseball Bag Runner-Up ~ Easton Game Ready Backpack Bag


In all honesty, we bounced back and forth several times between the Athletico bag and the Easton Game Ready Backpack Bag. That this Easton model is right in line with the Athletico price-wise (in fact, the price tag is a tad smaller) explains its popularity with little ballplayers.

Comparatively, the Game Ready is aimed more for younger players (although they also do fine with the Athletico competitor). This Easton model is designed by a company known to thoroughly test sporting goods to determine what players and coaches will really appreciate.

Pluses for the Game Ready are about comfort and convenience. They put the pocket for personal items, those things like keys and wallet you don’t want missing while you play, in the very front (and away from gear). The shoulder straps and rear side are plenty padded.


  • Material(s): Textile
  • Style: Backpack
  • Weight: 14.4 oz.
  • Size: 16 inches tall; 12 inches wide; 8 inches deep
  • Volume: 2 bats, 1 fielding glove, 1 helmet
  • Special Feature: Mesh side pockets with dual uses, either to hold a bat(s), or water bottles.

What We Like

  • A roomy singly main compartment that fits a fielding glove and hitting helmet
  • Ready to use for games just like the model name implies
  • Features from Easton’s research and development (R&D)

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3. Best Baseball Bag on a Budget ~ Rawlings Remix Backpack Bag


To have the lowest-priced baseball bag model come from one of the top baseball gear manufacturers is a blessing. For young and just-starting players, the Rawlings Remix Backpack Bag is a heck of a choice.

Rawlings, after all, is the manufacturer of the balls used by Major League Baseball. That the Remix model is neat looking in appearance just adds to its splendor. Perhaps the top feature is the comfort in carrying this bag. It’s like the perfect “tweener” bag ~ bigger than the usual Franklin starter bag, but not humongous like a hiking backpack.

This backpack has a couple of external (neoprene) side sleeves to hold bats; as well as an additional button on the bottom that lets a player carry a 3rd stick! This model is even customizable: it has an external pocket that is removable; as well as a ventilated shoe pocket.


  • Material(s): 400D polyester with nylon lining
  • Style: Backpack
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs.
  • Size: 15 inches tall; 12 inches wide; 6 inches deep
  • Volume: 2 to 3 bats; 1 helmet; 1 pair shoes
  • Special Feature: Sublimated bag graphic (of black, white, and metallic silver) makes every bag at least a little different than the others ~ a unique pattern

What We Like

  • Cool-looking
  • Nicely priced
  • 400D polyester for durability

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4. Best Baseball Bag for Kids ~ Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag


Since we just mentioned this longtime baseball gear manufacturer, let’s give it props for the best basic bag for children. The Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag is the first on our list that’s not a backpack. Still, this old-school-styled baseball bat bag that holds bats is just fine for new players.

This bat bag has proven to be quite popular, and even with all the users, their reviews have held a solid average which we think says much about how this model is designed specifically for kids. It’s hard to imagine a little player complaining about having his or her very own bag!

The weight is the same as the Rawlings model above, and it checks off everything a young player needs: holds up to 3 bats, along with a helmet, and a separate compartment to hold every-problematic cleats. (By that we mean by the smell, so it’s cool that this compartment is specially ventilated!).


  • Material(s): Acrylic
  • Style: Bat bag
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs.
  • Size: 34 inches wide; 9 inches deep; 6 inches wide
  • Volume: Up to 3 bats; 1 helmet; 1 pair cleats
  • Special Feature: Very large main compartment

What We Like

  • Good size while still light in weight
  • Cool colors!
  • Affordable

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5. Best Baseball Bag for Catchers Gear ~ No Errors NOE2 Wheeled Catchers Gear Bag


As we stated above, there are several different types of baseball bags, so at this point we might as well make a recommendation for all the catchers out there, always carrying around their “tools of ignorance”: the No Errors NOE2 Wheeled Catchers Gear Bag.

While the price for this model is up there, the reviews by users have been very solid, and we can only imagine how happy young backstops must be with the neat features. The FatBoy wheels alone, for rolling instead of lifting, may make it worth the investment. (Dads make note also).

On top of that, there are 9 storage units, along with a neat system of shelving. It has an expandable pocket for leg guards; a heavy-duty pocket for cleats; and is divided into 3 separate, ventilated storage units for everything from extra gloves to towels to keep dry.


  • Material(s): Tear-resistant fabric
  • Style: Satchel
  • Size: 36 inches long; 13.5 inches deep; 8 inches wide
  • Volume: Pretty much all the gear a catcher needs
  • Special Feature: FatBoy wheels at the rear are easier to roll on top of grass than thin wheels

What We Like

  • Solid in size and design
  • 4 hideaway hooks for fence-hanging
  • Reinforced stitching for durability

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6. Best Baseball Bag for Durability ~ Himal Pro Baseball Bat Backpack


Back to the backpack style of baseball bags, let’s dig into a model that should last longer than others: the Himal Pro Baseball Bat Backpack. The bottom line here is, the player handles a little bit more weight, to allow a thicker exterior material that should prevent wearing out.

It also holds plenty: up to 4 bats, along with a helmet, gloves, and a pair of cleats. This bag differs from many other models in that it goes out of its way to let players hang helmets on the outside, where it is easily visible and accessible. That looks cool, too.

Overall, it’s the 600D Polyester/Oxford material that impresses us most, along with solid design practices especially on the seams. Tack onto that a solid design where the bottom compartment holds the shoes, the top the private essentials like wallets, keys, and phones. Finally, the material is also waterproof!


  • Material(s): Polyester canvas
  • Style: Backpack
  • Weight: 1.74 lbs.
  • Size: 15.55 inches long; 10.55 inches wide; 3.58 inches deep
  • Volume: 2 bats, 1 helmet, 1 pair cleats
  • Special Feature: Elite 600D Polyester/Oxford material

What We Like

  • Nice thick canvas material that is waterproof
  • Nicely reinforced stitching
  • Company claims “true satisfaction guarantee”

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7. Best Baseball Bag for Kids Runner-Up ~ Guardian Titan Baseball Bag


This relative newcomer to the baseball bag market caught our attention because of some of the rave reviews submitted (by parents mostly, so the kids are talking!). The Guardian Titan Baseball Bag looks different, and basically acts differently than competing models.

The first thing a bystander might notice is the sleek exterior design. It just looks smoother than most baseball bags you see. Overall, this model carries a decent weight, mainly due to the high-quality nylon used which is good news for parents who want bags that last.

Other special features: padded shoulder straps; padded back paneling; fleece-lined pocket for a mobile phone; 2 additional pockets in front. We like the placement of the latter, for easy access and convenience.


  • Material(s): Nylon
  • Style: Backpack
  • Weight: 1.35 lbs.
  • Size: 19 inches tall; 12.25 inches wide; 12 inches deep
  • Volume: 2 bats; 1 helmet; 1 fielding glove; 1 pair cleats
  • Special Feature: Fleece-lined pocket for phones

What We Like

  • Very deep compared with other models
  • Strategically placed storage compartments
  • Dual zippers on large main compartment

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8. Best Baseball Rolling Coach Bag ~ PowerNet Rolling Baseball Coach Bag Caddy


This manufacturer sure has built a solid reputation in making baseball gear that coaches really appreciate, namely its quality hitting nets. Well, the well-traveled veteran baseball coach should absolutely love the PowerNet Rolling Baseball Coach Bag Caddy.

Everyone wants their own caddy, right? Who couldn’t use some assistance tackling hard tasks (like coaching kids in baseball)? The list of cool features here seems endless: a dual main compartment that is divided cleverly so it can fit up to 2 baseball buckets, or an assortment of equipment like gloves and helmets.

Its 10 pockets ~ yes, count ‘em, TEN ~ is critical for storage and organizing for coaches. These include a zippered, felt-lined pocket for valuables. The handle is telescoping which makes it easier to place in cars and to store. It has wheels to roll it instead of carrying the weight. Overall, it’s hard to find better bucket bags[LINK ] for coaching baseball.


  • Material(s): Plastic
  • Style: Coach’s bag (or bucket holder)
  • Weight: 12.7 lbs.
  • Size: Big
  • Volume: Up to 2 ball buckets; lots of balls; and 10 pockets for a lot of little things
  • Special Feature: Telescoping handle and rugged wheels

What We Like

  • Rugged well-built wheels
  • Lots of accessory pockets
  • Removable compartment divider

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9. Best Baseball Rolling Bag ~ DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag 2.0


The DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag 2.0 has a lot going for it. It’s a name manufacturer in the baseball equipment market; and the 2.0 at the end indicates it’s a model with some new modifications to make it even better.

Overall, who are we kidding? We like this model because you can wheel it around easily. And the inline style of the wheels is the best kind for coaching, as they are more protective and avoid damages like wheels on the outside often sustain.


  • Material(s): Nylon canvas
  • Style: Rolling bag
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs.
  • Size: 36 inches long; 12 inches wide; 12 deep
  • Volume: Up to 4 bats; 1 fielding glove; 1 helmet; 1 pair cleats
  • Special Feature:

What We Like

  • Inline roller wheels
  • Neat squarish dimensions (12 x 12 inches, and plenty long at 36 inches)
  • Interior shelves (2)

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10. Best Baseball Bag for Coaching Runner-Up ~ Rawlings Ball Bucket Bag


Leave it up to Rawlings to make a design so simple to say so very much. Even the name says no-nonsense: the Rawlings Ball Bucket Bag. It may sound quite vanilla, but trust us, coaches will appreciate the design for its effectiveness.

The weight is nifty at just 2 pounds, and you can be assured of Rawlings quality in seams and processing for a model that holds up to 60 baseballs. This bucket bag has a heavy-duty molded bottom to prevent tipping over, and to prevent wear down there.


  • Material(s): Synthetic
  • Style: Bucket bag
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Size: 12.2 inches tall; 10.7 inches wide; 5.2 inches deep
  • Volume: Up to 60 baseballs
  • Special Feature: Heavy duty molded bottom

What We Like

  • Huge side pockets
  • Capacity to hold a lot of baseballs

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