Best Baseball Accessories

10 Best Baseball Accessories for 2024

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As baseball players progress through youth ball and into playing for schools, they learn quite a bit about accessories to their regular glove and cleats that surely help with the game. Extras, supplements, add-ons, whatever you want to call them, these extra items are in demand.

You don’t have to tell us ~ our readers do! By popular demand, we dedicated some serious energy in our extensive search to find and present what we feel are the best baseball accessories for 2023 and moving forward.

We tried finding items applicable for every level of play, whether to improve performance, or to boost comfort on the field. Those, after all, are the primary reasons why players start accumulating “stuff.”


  • Our first recommended piece of baseball accessory equipment is the Lizard Skins Glove Guardian, to protect the piece of leather every ballplayer depends on.
  • A baseball pullover is a darn-near requirement, and the best out there in our opinion is the Rawlings Short Sleeve Hoodie, with its exceptional design including 2 pockets.
  • Players and coaches can stay warm and look really cool in the Rawlings Dugout Fleece Pullover, which is a long-sleeved alternative to the model above.
  • In all honesty, every baseball player needs a colored long-sleeve shirt to at least keep the elbows warm, and we suggest the DEVOPS Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirt.
  • Baseball players absolutely must see well, and we highly recommend the Oakley Encoder sunglasses for a design made especially to wear under hats and helmets.
  • The separable pieces and leather look made the Tru Pro Leg Guard our choice for protecting the very lower parts of the legs including the foot.
  • The Athletico Baseball Bat Bag is our top recommendation for an item that probably is a necessity, not an accessory. But we include this because it’s that good.
  • The GoSports Weighted Training Baseballs kit provides a half-dozen solidly built balls for strength training in hitting and throwing.
  • Most seasoned baseball players will keep tools to fix broken gear, so take a peek at the TOFL Baseball Glove Lace Kit.
  • About 4 of 10 pro players wear the little rubber things when batting, so consider the Prohitter Batters Training Aid to both improve hitting, and to just look cool.

Who Needs Baseball Accessories

Anyone who plans to play organized baseball beyond tee ball, essentially. Baseball is a gear- and equipment-heavy game, not as much as football or hockey but definitely more so compared with basketball.

On television, fans see the gloves and the cleats, and maybe the helmets and catcher’s gear. The colorful uniforms attract the eye more, and ultimately fans look past what the players wear otherwise.

So every ballplayer from the 4- or 5-year-old first-time, to the over-50 slowpitch softball player needs baseball accessories.

The question is, How many extra gear items? Following is information that should help.

What to Look for in Buying Baseball Accessories

There are so many types and models of baseball accessories that it’s rather difficult to offer guidance going into the buying process. We can’t pinpoint a feature or element of a product specifically, so here’s a checklist that could be applied to most any baseball part.

Brands for Baseball Extras

Quality of brands is important for most pieces of baseball equipment, but even more so for assorted accessories. This is because so many new manufacturers enter the market with just a single product, with the aim to target a niche, to introduce a novelty, or just to get lucky. Big baseball brands, like Rawlings or Wilson, rarely let you down in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

If an MLB player endorses a baseball accessory item, even better.

Baseball Accessory Reviews

This falls in line with the comment above about unknown brands or brand new products. All baseball players want an edge to help play better, and manufacturers market to this point. Before you shell out big bucks for that magic bat warmer, see if anyone else bought it ~ and what they think.

Ask Experts for Baseball Accessories Insight

This does not have to mean writing to ask Bryce Harper whether a thumb ring helps with hitting (though you can, and it’s way cool when MLB pros respond!). It simply means asking someone you trust regarding baseball, whether through playing a lot of innings, or just being immersed in the game. For new products, just mention them and watch the reaction. Or, say you’re interested in trying X Product, and ask for suggestions.

Baseball Accessories List: Our TOP CHOICES to Help Your Game

1. Best Baseball Accessory Overall ~ Lizard Skins Glove Guardian


It took a lot of discussion and consideration with so many baseball accessory items available, but in the end we all agreed that the glove is the most important single item for a baseball player. Since the glove is a core equipment item for baseball and does not qualify for this list, we choose the Lizard Skins Glove Guardian for everything it does for your trusted piece of leather.

The glove is required for every baseball player below Major League Baseball, except maybe a permanent designated hitter. We think even the DH players in the MLB have fielding gloves. That said, these carefully crafted pieces of leather are not inexpensive, and finally manufacturers are coming up with great ways to protect them and ensure a long life.

The Glove Guardian is cool for a number of reasons. It comes with a ball that’s adjustable to any size (re. baseball or softball) to select between a shallow or deep pocket. This ball is attached to the interior, so you just place the glove on top of the ball, and zip up to wrap. The zipped-up version fits into baseball bags, or can be hooked on to attach externally.


  • Material(s): 600D polyester, with mesh pouch inside for extras like glove oil
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs.
  • Special Features: Crush-proof case

What We Like

  • The size, shape, and strength of the case
  • Adjustable ball inside to maintain shape while stored
  • Secure zipper to keep moisture and dust away from the leather

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2. Baseball Accessory Runner Up ~ Rawlings Short Sleeve Hoodie


In this list we don’t necessarily compare these items against each other. Each player has different needs at each age level. We do, however, try to list them in order of what we feel is needed ~ things they really shouldn’t go without. The pullover is among those things, and the Rawlings Short Sleeve Hoodie is our fave.

Baseball players are always trying to “stay warm,” to keep the blood flowing and muscles, cartilage and tendons loose. They also often fight the elements during games, when they can’t just call it off and get inside. This hoodie is cool because, well, it’s made by Rawlings, but also because of the hood.

Most baseball pullovers are simple and/or plain pieces in a single color and well-branded (See next item). The short-sleeved Rawlings pullover adds neat features that may seem minor, but to ball players that can mean all the world.

Right away you’ll notice a second, shorter zipper line. This is a sealable chest pocket to hold wallets, phones, keys, or other valuables while at play. For batting gloves or other game accessories there is a front kangaroo pocket. And then there’s the hood with its quarter-zip neck line with a drawstring. Overall this pullover just looks cool.


  • Material(s): 100% polyester
  • Weight: n/a
  • Special Features: Chest pocket; machine washable; available in 6 colors

What We Like

  • Pockets to carry items while on the field
  • Short sleeves yet a hoodie, to use in both warm and cool settings
  • Rawlings brand trust

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3. Baseball Accessory, 2nd Runner ~ Rawlings Dugout Fleece Pullover


Another Rawlings pullover, you ask? Well, we couldn’t talk about baseball pullovers without discussing the most-popular of all, the Rawlings Dugout Fleece Pullover. This is the team logo-adorned jacket that baseball managers are seen wearing, like Terry Francona during the heavily televised 2004 postseason run.

Aside from the quality craftsmanship from such a known brand, this fleece is excellent for its simplicity. It looks great, but most importantly does what it is designed to do, meaning keep the upper body warm. As the product name implies, this pullover is best used in the dugout either while coaching, on the bench, or between innings.

However, it is made well enough that a player could wear it out on the field, league rules permitting. That Rawlings built in a team logo embroidery area in front right below the neck makes it especially attractive for youth players or teams wishing to impress.


  • Material(s): 100% polyester
  • Weight: n/a
  • Special Features: Neat little things for comfort, like the half-moon collar design, or the curved bottom hem

What We Like

  • Serious comfort built in
  • Sleek, professional look
  • Affordable pricing

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4. Baseball Accessory for On-Field Warmth ~ DEVOPS Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirts


Any old-time baseball player will remember the old days, when once you knew your team and its colors, you had to get matching-color sleeves. A light long-sleeved undershirt, preferably in a team color, is something almost every ballplayer wants handy. And we think the DEVOPS Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirt is the best you’ll find.

And the price is so right, get a couple, in both team colors so you can wear it at home or on the road! The mix of polyester and Spandex feels good on the skin and also is designed to retain heat. The fit is exceptional, as the manufacturer engaged a 3D ergonomic pattern to emphasize free movement.

This won’t be listed in the manufacturer’s marketing materials, but notice how very many buyers have posted reviews. Regardless of their ratings (which are mostly excellent by the way), ask why so many athletes are purchasing this item. That alone indicates its quality.


  • Material(s): Polyester and Spandex, fleece lined
  • Weight: n/a
  • Special Features: Special material blend to convert moisture to heat, and boost heat and blood flow

What We Like

  • Versatility for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Polyester-Spandex-fleece mix is super comfy, and performs exceptionally
  • Snug ergonomic fit

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5. Baseball Accessory, for Eye Care ~ Oakley Encoder Baseball Sunglasses


It’s so hard to specify a single model here, but for baseball eyewear, we suggest picking a pair of Oakley baseball sunglasses depending on the style and special features you desire. Our very top choice is the Oakley Encoder because we have yet to find a pair of eyewear made to fit well under a hat or helmet.

There are too many good baseball sunglasses to list, but you will be blown away with this rectangular wraparound. For performance there are the PRIZM 24K lenses, for color contrast; and special resistance to impacts and stress. For eye care, these glasses filter 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light (up to 400mm).

The frames are very light, the lenses provide a wider field of view, and stronger arms than most eyeglass models just tack on to the long list of pluses for this model of baseball sunglasses.


  • Materials: Plastic
  • 100% UV Protection: Yes
  • Nosepad: No-slip grip
  • Special Feature: Perfectly fitted to rest right under the brim of a hat or helmet.

What We Like

  • Fit especially awesome for baseball, even compared against other Oakley models
  • PRIZM 24K lenses will wow on first wear
  • Very flexible yet stress-resistant

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6. Baseball Accessory for Leg Protection ~ Tru Pro Leg Guard


While this item is probably not mandatory at all levels of baseball play, we absolutely love the design of the Tru Pro Leg Guard. Namely, it’s 2-piece design to allow for choice and flexibility to wear in game play.

For parents new to the game, these are not the leg guards catchers wear, but rather, that hitters wear to protect their foot and inner-lower leg. This is primarily to fend off hard foul balls, but by being able to take this apart, a player also can protect the top of the foot alone (even if running the bases).

What really separates this model out from the many other leg guards is that it’s made of genuine leather, providing a cool, classic baseball appearance, while giving enough on slides as to not cause pain. Weighing in at just less than a pound, this guard has solid strapping and interior no-slip measures to make it easy to play with at any point on the field.


  • Material(s): Genuine Leather, plastic, elastic straps
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Special Features: Tru-Feel anti-slip lining; Tru-Flex simple fitting

What We Like

  • Lightweight leather make it game-ready, with a cool, sleek look
  • Multi-layer protective scheme
  • At 12” high at full configuration, this item has superb coverage especially on the shin

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7. Baseball Accessory for Everyone ~ Athletico Baseball Bat Bag


We feel a baseball bag should be included in the baseball “musts” like the glove and cleats, so we couldn’t come to making this item the top choice of our list. However, the backpack-styled Athletico Baseball Bat Bag is too remarkable to leave off our list.

With so very many models to choose from, it’s almost impossible to separate the best baseball bag on the market. This Athletico model just offers every feature you would want, at a very affordable price tag.

To single things out? Try how easy it is for players to access items inside, like during games when it must be done fast. This backpack has a bungee cord in front to hold gloves and hats for fast retrieval. Also, it’s amazing how many colors and combos this bag is available in.


  • Material(s): Oxford fabric and polyester
  • Weight: 0.65 lb.
  • Special Features: High-density 600 Denier Oxford fabric

What We Like

  • Above-average amount of volume inside, with extra pockets for personal stuff
  • Long-lasting, specially made fabric
  • Company says “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”

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Honorable Mentions for Top Baseball Accessories

8. GoSports Weighted Training Baseballs

There is a good reason why this product ranks so very high for baseball accessories on top online sporting goods sales sites. This 6-pack of 16-ounce training balls is perfectly designed for baseball or softball training. That the company backs it with 100% satisfaction guaranteed is a super thing for a product that gets struck and strewn around.

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9. TOFL Baseball Glove Lace Kit

Breaking a lace on a baseball glove is never fun ~ because it almost always occurs in the middle of a catch! And if that happens to be during a game … not everyone brings a backup glove. This is the most-trusted kit for players to keep in bat bags for emergencies.

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10. Prohitter Batters Training Aid

Since about 40% of MLB players use some sort of a little thumb guard when hitting, young players are bound to ask for these little squishy pads that prevent hand stings and are supposed to boost bat speed and power.

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Other Accessories Young Baseball Players May Need

  • Elbow guard for hitting
  • Padded glove to wear inside fielding gloves to protect the hand
  • Arm sleeves
  • Athletic tape is always good to have inside a baseball bag for use in almost any emergency
  • Bat handle tape, also called grip tape, to re-do a handle before games or practice, or to repair unglued or torn tape during games
  • Eye grease or eye stick ~ for those black smudges under the eyes to limit glare