about me


Hey there! I am Nic and I fell in love with baseball very early in life when I was quite young. In fact, I have faint memories of playing my first ever little league when I was only 7. What hooks me to it? It’s a thinking person’s game when you are constantly contemplating between innings, batters, or pitchers.

Growing up, I learned to love all little things about playing baseball – hitting the ball into the stands, watching your best friend take a perfect hit, reading the opponent’s eyes, missing a pitch 3 times in a row, catching the ball in the outfield, and so on.

Having played the game extensively at school and college levels, I have gathered tips and tricks that no one tells a beginner. You can hire a personal coach but that would cost a great deal of money, and let’s be honest…not everyone can afford that!

I learned the hard way as there wasn’t much info available online but I want to share my knowledge with you through this blog. I hope with this little initiative of mine, the enthusiastic learners find what they are looking for.

If you like what you read, I would definitely love to hear from you. And, of course, thanks for stopping by! Ciao.