Aaron Judge bat size

What Size Bat Does Aaron Judge Use?

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New York Yankees superstar Aaron Judge is one of the biggest stars in baseball today. He’s also one of the tallest stars in the sport, standing 6 feet, 7 inches tall. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Judge needs to swing a long bat to match his tall frame. So what size bat does Aaron Judge really use?

Aaron Judge uses a 35-inch, 33-ounce bat. He has been swinging this size of bat since the beginning of the 2017 season. His bat has an unusually long barrel, giving it a larger-than-average sweet spot. It would be too long and too heavy for many players, but Judge is one of the biggest and strongest hitters in the game.

The most important dimensions of any baseball bat are the length and weight, but there are other specifications to learn about Judge’s bat too. According to the manufacturer, the bat is just under two inches in diameter at the knob (1.96”), a little less than one inch in diameter at the handle (0.93”), and close to two and a half inches in diameter at the thickest part of the barrel (2.49”).

Continue reading to learn more about 2022 AL MVP Aaron Judge and the particular bat he swings.

What Size Bat Did Aaron Judge Use Before?

Before settling on the 35-inch, 33-ounce model that he currently uses, Aaron Judge tried out a slightly smaller bat during his very first season. That year, Judge used a 34-inch, 32-ounce model. Ultimately, he must have decided he needed a longer and heavier option. 

What Brand of Bat Does Aaron Judge Use?

The 35-inch, 33-ounce bat Aaron Judge uses is produced by Florida-based equipment company Chandler Bats. The company has been making baseball bats since 2009. It was founded by furniture manufacturer David Chandler, but it is now owned by former MLB player Yoenis Cespedes.

Judge has been seen using a Chandler bat in the regular season, the playoffs, and even the home run derby. He seems to be quite a loyal customer of the company.

What Model of Bat Does Aaron Judge Use?

The bat Aaron Judge uses is called the pro model AJ99.2. This bat was designed specifically for Judge himself. The letters “AJ” are Judge’s initials, while “99” is the number he wears on the back of his jersey. The “.2M” indicates it is the second version of the AJ99 designed by Chandler Bats.

Fans can purchase their own AJ99 bat on the Chandler Bats website (ChandlerBats.com). The bat can be made using maple, birch, or ash wood, although Judge himself prefers the maple version. Customers can also customize the length, weight, color, and finish of the bat. It currently retails for $229 USD.

What Other MLB Players Use Chandler Bats?

Besides Aaron Judge, several other MLB superstars have used bats produced by Chandler Bats, including Bryce Harper, José Ramírez, George Springer, and Robinson Canó.

According to research from Bat Digest, Chandler brand bats were used in 6.3% of plate appearances on Opening Day 2022. That’s far fewer than for brands like Victus and Louisville Slugger but more than Rawlings and B45. 

What Is The Bat Drop Of Aaron Judge’s Bat?

Bat drop is calculated by subtracting the weight of a bat (in ounces) from the length of a bat (in inches). Judge’s bat weighs 33 ounces and is 35 inches long. Therefore, his bat has a bat drop of -2.

Does Aaron Judge’s Bat Have a Cup?

According to the official rules of Major League Baseball, a bat is allowed to have a small indentation at the top. This indentation is called a cup. The purpose of the cup is to improve the balance of the bat by removing some weight from the very end.

However, Aaron Judge does not take advantage of this rule. He prefers to use a bat without any indentation. Therefore, the Chandler AJ99.2 does not have a cup on the end.

What Color Is Aaron Judge’s Bat?

Typically, Aaron Judge swings a solid black bat with a gold logo and gold lettering. On occasion, he has also been known to use a bat with a solid black barrel and a natural wood-colored handle.

When he participated in the 2017 Home Run Derby, Judge used a natural wood-colored bar with a painted design on the barrel. The design featured Judge himself swinging a bat with a backdrop of blue sky and palm trees. 

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What Size Bat Does Bryce Harper Use?

Two-time NL MVP Bryce Harper has used various types of bats throughout his career, but his current bat is 34 inches long and weighs 32 ounces. It is an inch shorter and an ounce lighter than the bat Aaron Judge swings.

Who Uses the Longest Bat in Baseball?

MLB rules allow for bats up to 42 inches in length. However, no player has ever been recorded using a bat longer than 36 inches. Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio were both known to swing a 36-inch bat. In the modern age, it’s rare to see a bat any longer than 35 inches.

What Size Shoes Does Aaron Judge Wear?

Aaron Judge wears US size 17 cleats. Unsurprisingly, shoes that large need to be custom-made.

What Size Hat Does Aaron Judge Wear?

Aaron Judge wears a size 7 ½ baseball cap. Occasionally, the Yankees will auction his game-used hats for charity.