9Forty vs. 39Thirty

9Forty vs. 39Thirty: A Buying Guide

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Caps are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing accessories that can be styled in numerous ways. With New Era launching so many variants and styles, it can be challenging to pick the right style for you.

The key difference between 9Forty and 39Thirty is that the former is not the best fit for larger head sizes. It comes with an open adjustable back with multiple closure types like snapback, strapback, Velcro back, etc. 39Thirty, on the other hand, has a closed back and fits multiple head sizes.

If you’re confused about which style out of the two would be the best pick for you, then this comprehensive guide will give you a clearer idea. Let’s get started!

Who are These Caps For?


New Era caps are very hyped among the baseball fans, all for the right reasons! These baseball caps have been a part of the fashion industry for over a century. There isn’t much that has been changed in these many years except a few design modifications.

If you’re a baseball fanatic, there’s nothing better than New Era caps to satisfy the fan in you. They are very versatile in design, making everyone come back to these caps time and again. They provide excellent value for money. New Era’s 9Forty is an all-time favorite of many people.

Whichever style you choose, you can be sure of a wide range of colorways and designs available for you to pick from. This guide includes reviews of 9Forty and 39Thirty to understand better which cap to go for.

Top Picks of New Era Caps

Product Name9Forty39Thirty
DescriptionThis “one size fits all” cap comes in one size but can be adjusted with Velcro or a clasp. It has a low structural profile and a pre-curved brow. The 9Forty cap is one of the most popular models to date, and it’s certainly New Era’s biggest return since the 59Fifty cap in terms of rekindling millennial enthusiasm in caps.New Era’s first endeavor to break free from their conventional flat brim caps was this style. The 39Thirty, like the fifties, consists of a well-structured crown, but thanks to the spandex placed in the back, it has a considerably better fit. Although this internal spandex sweatband allows it to fit most head sizes, a typical criticism is that it sags over time, particularly when shared.  
ProsIt offers enhanced comfort and has a more sleek appearance   There are numerous customizable choices availableAvailable in a variety of styles and sizes. It has a lot of elasticity.
ConsIt only suits people with small heads.There isn’t any way to modify or adjust the back

How to Wear a Baseball Cap?

Be it professional sportspeople, fans, or celebrities, baseball caps are arguably the most common way to show support to your favorite team. They are a regular part of the fan wardrobe and have been around for a while.

However, specific ways and rules must be followed when wearing them. This section will walk you through some ways to wear these caps correctly.

1. Make Sure to Remove the Sticker

Take that sticker off your bill before using your New Era baseball caps. You can place the sticker on bulletin boards around your house or even on your shirt.

The sticker does not belong on the cap. MLB caps are best worn without stickers. So, make sure you remove them next time you purchase a baseball cap.

2. Wear the Right Size

Wearing a size that fits loosely on your head only makes it worse. Not all caps come with an adjustable snapback. So, the next time you’re going for a baseball cap, buy one that fits you right or buy one with a snapback.

Oversized caps can be difficult to maintain on your head at all times. There’s no point investing money in a piece of apparel that doesn’t fit you right.

3. Point Your Cap Forward

Pointing your cap forward is always going to work in your favor. It can help in keeping the sun out of your eyes. The entire purpose of caps is to shield your eyes from the harsh sunlight.

Wearing them at any other angle only minimizes their functionality. Besides looking good, the different angles don’t serve any meaningful purpose in keeping the sunlight away from your face and eyes.

4. Bend Your Bill

Don’t be afraid to bend your bill a little. A flat bill doesn’t give any grand appearance to your cap. Make sure to bend it the way baseball players bend their gloves. That’s how it’s done!

No matter how flat people keep their cap’s bill, the right way is to bend it and wear it. It gives you a good edge on the overall appearance and serves its purpose.

5. Support Your Team

The whole purpose of wearing baseball caps is to show support to your favorite team. Buying a cap just because you like it does not justify it well. Wear a hat because they are your team and because you support them.

As fans, this is one of the most common ways to stand with your team and show that you’re with them. This will also allow you to interact with other baseball players who could be fans of the same team as yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Can You Wash 9Forty or 39Thirty Hats?


Like any other clothing accessory, hats can get dirty with regular or frequent use. Not many people are familiar with the cleaning process of New Era hats. To ensure that they last longer, it’s advisable that you keep them clean from dirt and dust.

Here are some things that you can follow to keep your hats clean.


  • Use a lint roller whenever possible. It’s best if you use it on your hats after every use. It keeps your cap free of dirt, dust, and lint in-between wears. Lint rollers are the safest option to go for as they won’t decrease the quality of your cap.
  • Utilize a cap brush or any other fine-bristled brush to keep your cap free from dust and dirt. Lint rollers may not always be effective in removing stubborn particles.
  • Hand wash the caps if you wish to deep clean them. Please do not throw your caps into the washer or dishwasher as they will lose color, form, and luster. Always ensure that you hand wash them to maintain longevity.
  • Use wet wipes or baby wipes if you don’t have a lint roller. Ensure that you use the plain ones and not the fragrant ones.


  • Make sure to avoid soaking your caps in water for a prolonged time. Whether warm or cold, doing so will ruin your baseball cap. Also, avoid using washing powder as it will cause your hat to lose its shape.
  • Avoid bleaching at all costs! Any other cleaning agents with strong ingredients and elements are a strict no. They will ruin your cap forever.
  • There are many other ways of keeping your caps clean. If you’re someone who rather loves collecting caps instead of wearing them frequently, then you can try storing your caps in cap boxes with some tissue paper. This will keep them free from dust and dirt.

2.    What is meant by 39Thirty on caps?

39Thirty refers to stretch fit caps. The numbering makes it convenient for you to pick the right size. 39Thirty are the more traditional-looking caps. Their bill is more bendable, and they look like classic old-school baseball hats.

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